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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tarotscopes: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Wednesday marks the middle of the week. Today Ghost Hunters is on Syfy and it's humid as heck outside! Is your day looking up or looking down?

Not sure which decanate you are? Click here to find out by finding where your date of birth falls! Also, feel free to share this with friends on Facebook to let others see what their day holds for them!

Also, sorry these are a day late. I posted them anyway so you can compare them and also take an advice I may have offered! 

Aries, First Decanate: You may find long-term plans falling through today or at least being postponed. But something new will begin today whether it's at work or around the home; it may be complicated. There is also someone that very influential; may too influential. You'll be thinking about this person a lot today. Could be someone you live with that perhaps tries to run your life.

Aries, Second Decanate: Your mail may arrive late or something you've been waiting for may not arrive at all today. You're very influential today, though, so be sure to use it to your advantage. If you have your own business, profit is moving on up. Things completed in the past also give you a nice boost today! Today you'll also be happy for the necessities in life that you have. Feel accomplished today!

Aries, Third Decanate: I see problems coming to an end today; it could be emotional problems. Positive responses are all around you today so it's a great day to ask for something! Communication is also your strong stuit today so it's perfect to work out any problems in personal affairs. By the end of the day you'll be happy that you're moving forward in life and are getting closer to meeting your goals. Things are looking up.

Taurus, First Decanate: Today you're looking for answers; you don't care about all the little details. You may also be wanting commitment from someone. You can expect a package or something in the mail to be delayed, although you may receive a small sum of money unexpectedly. But be prepared today to be very busy; even if it's just thinking and planning, it'll be a jam-packed day.

Taurus, Second Decanate: A sudden learning experience will emerge today that will give you a greater sense of self-worth. Expect help from others today and a nice boost at the workplace. You may even find more cushion in your budget! Expect to figure out a new approach to something today. As for romance, keep your distance; let things roll out how they may and then take the time to figure out where it's going and what to do.

Taurus, Third Decanate: You'll be worried about decisions you've made. If you had a major purchase lately, you may be regretting it now. But a new sense of peace today--like a new beginning--will brighten your spirits. Things really are getting better for you! Tense conditions will vanish and issues are going to be resolved (probably in your favor).

Gemini, First Decanate: Today you want things to speed up so you can see the end result. Patience is the key; trust me. Expect to get together with friends or a lover; problems in personal relationships may also come to an end. Today you really are in the right place at the right time. A prayer or wish may also be granted to you today!

Gemini, Second Decanate: If you're traveling today, you'll meet wonderful people and have a wonderful time! But it's also a very busy day for you; possibly a lot of reading involved. I am also seeing that in time your efforts will be paid off; so expect things to clear up soon.

Gemini, Third Decanate: Face it, Gemini: you aren't in control of a lot of things today. To see changes, you need to make them in yourself. Change the way you deal with things; it will grant you more control that you think. Romance is less-committed today; you may be holding back due to attachments from the past. Stop feeling unlucky; you have it better than you think!

Cancer, First Decanate: A conversation is going to bother you today, dear Cancer; could be someone close to you. It may bring about an unpleasant decision. Today just really isn't your day to be around others; so it might be a good idea to spend some along time you others don't may you feel insecure or vulnerable. You'll trust and distrust others today, basically; but, in time, a small favor will come your way regarding this.

Cancer, Second Decanate: Something concerning finances is going to surprise you today; either a new job, something in the work place, extra cash, or some wiggle-room in your budget. You may find something you used to like is a burden; you'll get rid of it. But at the end of the day you'll see changes are happening and things keep changing; maybe it's just best to hold on tight and prepare for the ride.

Cancer, Third Decanate: Today you're going to focus more on your career and possessions; relationships are just killing you today you'd rather not be bugged with them. You'll also be obtaining a nice junk of money soon! A lot of discussion and/or planning will be going on today concerning your finances and schedule. 

Leo, First Decanate: Books and relationships are yoru drug today. Seek comfort with friends or a lover . . . or snuggle up with a good book! Expect a lover to call and a decision to be made. A realization will happen to you today and you'll feel it is just best to allow the Universe to take you where it may for now.

Leo, Second Decanate: You may feel unappreciate for what you're doing or for who you are; please please please don't let this get to you! Finances aren't on your side today and you may find an additional expense waiting in the win. But help or guidance will appear to you today from someone.

Leo, Third Decanate: Today you'll eitehr hear from a loved one or make calls about or to work. Today luck is on your side when establishing new things to better your life. It's also a great day to look for bargains! Expect a gift or pleasant surprise when with others or on the job. For the most part you'll be happy today although, at times, a bit moody.

Virgo, First Decanate: Expect hot and sticky weather today as you venture outside of the home although it will be an overall enjoyable experience. You may also be thinking about love a lot today and wanting someone near you right now. But your true happiness today comes from fixing problems inlcuding within yourself as well as getting support from others when it comes down to your career.

Virgo, Second Decanate: Today you'll be wishing things just weren't so hard; you'll want to control your emotions more, as well. You may also wish to get rid of people or things that are constantly bringing you down. People will be causing you to review your life and goals. You may also meet someone at work that you like in a romantic way. But anything creative you do today will be a plus; finances are also looking good! It's a perfect day to start something new.

Virgo, Third Decanate: You're a little worried about the future, but that isn't what bugs you; what does bug you is the fact that you're worrying and allowing it to take up so much of your time! You want peace and the resolution of things. At home be prepared to be under a lot of pressure Expect an appliance or something in the home to need fixed or be replaced. Today I want to get you to realize you need to wait for things to happen. You're heading in the right direction and things will be working out better than you ever expected if you keep on your path. What looks like a big roadblock is very, very tiny.

Libra, First Decanate: Expect someone to go out of your life temporarily in the near future; you may hear about it today. You may also be planning a trip with a friend or loved one but will worry about it because it doesn't seem to be very safe and/or stable. Others really are on your side today; so accept their advice. You're a very likeable person today, Libra!

Libra, Second Decanate: Expect a new project to cross your path today; it could be concerning work. Expect friends to shed some insight onto your life and situation in it; it'll be like a tiny epiphany for you! Today it may be best to stay in the middle of things, though; don't take one side or be too closed-minded.

Libra, Third Decanate: You want new things in your life or for things to finally start moving. But you may find plans being canceled or aborted all today today; know that in time they will be back. Balance will be restored today in your life as pressure eases off; expect hope and cheer to regain you today.

Scorpio, First Decanate: Things really are turned upside down today and you aren't prepared for it; it may happen at work or even home. If you're planning a trip, it will be temporarily postponed until things cool down--not temperature-wise. But expect money soon if you are trying to sell anyhting artistic or offering services related to the arts.

Scorpio, Second Decanate: Expect plans with a lover to be canceled or delayed today. But writing a book will be great to fill that time gap; or do something else creative (your Scorpio friends are benefitting from the arts)! By the end of the day you'll be happy that friends support you and for either a financial bonus or change in the workplace.

Scorpio, Third Decanate: Today your thinking will do a 180! You'll find your success today in finances and your career; especially if others co-operate! Remember that sometimes you need to change yourself before trying to change other things in your life; listen to this and see the benefits! Things are progressing but first you need to change yourself in order to see these changes. 

Sagittarius, First Decanate: Something that you thought was lost, hopeless, or impossible will turn up! You'll be setting things straight today in your life and you may hear from someone that you've been trying to ignore or keep an arms length away. Success will be seen by the end of the day and your worry will go down.

Sagittarius, Second Decanate: Today you'll be putting yourself full-force into your work, finances, planning, and the future. You can expect others to send you more messages and/or invitations that you are used to; it will be very positive! Expect obstacles to be overcome to allow you to be much more positive!

Sagittarius, Third Decanate: You can expect a step up in your love-life; possibly talk about marriage, engagement, or moving in. You can also expect to get together with family or friends; they may call you. You can also expect some extra cash, a new job, and/or a new possession.

Capricorn, First Decanate: Friendship is high and mighty today; expect an invitation that will bring true happiness to you! You'll also find that today you have great success in overcoming obstacles put in your path; take a break when you need it! Only expect small successes today; not big ones.

Capricorn, Second Decanate: Everything today is focused primarily on your career and the workpalce; you'll also want to change the image people have of you (perhaps so that you look more higher in stats). Today everything else seems to take the backseat. Expect a short trip, as well, which will be a nice change in your life. But you can also expect to be upset and even feeling disorganized; you will try something new, though, to push you away from this situation.

Capricorn, Third Decanate: A friend or relative is going to contact you with some good news today about their life being better; could be due to their love-life. Work for you is also going to take a nice swing upwards; so if things have been slow, expect a change! Self-help and self-discovery are also good for you today! Decisions and solving problems are also your lucky areas! It would be a good day to ask people for help if you need it.

Aquarius, First Decanate: Friends are great at motivating you today when it comes to your job! Expect a great opportunity today, as well; it may be a phone call. Whatever happens, the Universe is helping and guiding you, even though you don't know it or see it.

Aquarius, Second Decanate: You're going to want to unite or reunite with someone today or you may want to improve your finances and make more money. You will also figure out what a health problem you've been having is or will be one step closer. You may also get advice concerning it; a struggle will also lighten up.

Aquarius, Third Decanate: Today you're wanting a loving relationship and to be recognized for who you are and what you've done. You will also be searching for God or whatever deity you believe in. Also be on the lookout for a health-related issue today; this could be re-occurring. You may not find a cure now; even vitamins and medicine won't help. But, on the more positive side, you may get a call for work.

Pisces, First Decanate: Something from the past is going to be bugging you today. But you'll get a renewed feeling of satisfaction today; happy about who you are and where you're going. Today is a good day to pray and/or connect with God our the deity you believe in. One thing to help you is just to trust that things will work themselves out as they are meant to.

Pisces, Second Decanate: You'll get over a situation that seems to be bugging you; but your natural abilities, talents, and skills will bring you a lot of happiness today! Today also seems to be a day where you're around a lot of professional people; accept what they have to offer and teaach you! You can learn a lot from them! But today luck is on your side when it comes to finances and fixing romance issues.

Pisces, Third Decanate: You may feel down today because you feel like you can't manifest or get what you want. But, as a plus for the day, expect communication issues and emotional issues to come to an end. But, as far as romance goes, you'll wonder if your relationship is really all you make it up to be or if you're overlooking some things. Don't live in a dream world; see your life for how it really is.

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Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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