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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tarotscopes: Thursday, August 5th, 2010

So today is Thursday; almost to the weekend! Yay! But still . . . so, so far. =[ Find out what it holds for you!

Not sure which decanate you are? Click here to find out by finding where your date of birth falls! Also, feel free to share this with friends on Facebook to let others see what their day holds for them!

Also sorry that these are late; go figure . . . my internet decides to stop working for a while. Ugh. =[

Aries, First Decanate: Today you really want to be productive and bring in the money. Watch out for aches and pains; possibly stiffness due to tension. Ideas are your high point today; so be creative to see how you will benefit! Write a book!

Aries, Second Decanate: You may be blocking yourself from love today due to problems in relationships; open up to see that others love you, too, although maybe not in a romantic fashion. Today also marks the beginning of a new stage in a relationship! Definitely an important connection! You'll see your finances improving today or a positive change in your career. You may also get new opportunities or find something to use your talents for.

Aries, Third Decanate: If you take a trip today, it will be a very positive experience, especially with others! But be sure not to eat or drink too much as you'll be paying for it sooner or later. You may also thinking about moving to a new home today; possibly it offers you more than your current home. Also, today is perfect for starting new projects!

Taurus, First Decanate: You want to settle issues todaay and set things straight once and for all. You may also make a new friend today and/or hear from an old friend that you've been thinking about. Today is also a good day to try out you psychic abilities to see if you can predict the future! You may also receive a gift today or solve a problem.

Taurus, Second Decanate: I'm seeing contact with relatives today as well as you being afraid to allow a relationship to take shape. Let go! Need some more motivation? Someone will be there for you today to help you get what you want or move toward success.

Taurus, Third Decanate: Things seem to be getting harder for you and you sure as hell aren't happy about it! You're very stressed out and seem to have no time for yourself; not alone a lover. But today also marks a turn of events as a new perspective is put into place and things become more workable. Expect finances to improve and priorities to change.

Gemini, First Decanate: You're going to block yourseld from others today because of challenging situations. Don't be afraid to trust yourself just because you've made wrong decisions in the past. Give someone a gift today or spend time with the one person in your life that's different from everyone else.

Gemini, Second Decanate: You may get or receive a gift today (or hear something about it) or will call a friend. Something is also troubling you today; it might be a job. But know you're blessed because there is something you can do on your own and don't need your job for it; it will make you happy.

Gemini, Third Decanate: You want to seee your goals met and wishes granted. As far as communication goes, you'll find you can't reach someone today or the people that you do reach (or who reach out to you) are very upset and energy-draining. Expect things in your life to change soon, though, because confusion is heading your way; it will be overwhelming.

Cancer, First Decanate: You may feel like nothing can pick you up today, especially when it comes to your career. But something will brighten your spirits! Expect peace to be restored in your life today, as well. Just be grateful for the necessities in life that you have. You've done a good job thus far and are accomplishing more than you know.

Cancer, Second Decanate: Romance is your downfall today; you'll be sad that someone isn't showing you the same feelings you have for them. Or you may not be able to get together today. Also watch out for mechanical issues or car problems (or an accident). Ask for whatever it is that you want today! Be happy that pressure is actually releasing!

Cancer, Third Decanate:  Expect someone to hit on you today! Or . . . you may hear from someone far away. Today is good for short trips, but not for long trips or planning to move (those may be postponed). Expect plans to change and for things that appear to be negative now to turn out to be positive.

Leo, First Decanate: You're very busy today around the house and outside the home! It is a very productive day for you! But just be on the lookout for things to go wrong with appliances or equipment. In the mail, look for a reminder or notice; could be concerning health. Know that what you want you will eventually have; what you want is also agreed upon by the Universe.

Leo, Second Decanate: Today you'll realize that looking back on the past as far as romance is concerned, isn't pushing you forward anymore; so you'll forget about the past and move forward. Problems will also lighten up today and projects concerning papers will be successful. Today you'll get a lot of personal satisfaction by solving problems and giving a helping hand to others.

Leo, Third Decanate: Expect something to end and something new to begin; this could be your outlook on something. Today is also a good day to give and receive things! Be happy things are finally being set straight and order is returning to your life.

Virgo, First Decanate: Communication with your relatives will still make you feel like you're all alone today. But expect compliments from others since you are very well-liked, especially today! And don't let your mixed feelings for someone get in the way of you being happy. But something is going to help you out today that will help light up your life or path, or give you some extra insight into a situation.

Virgo, Second Decanate: There is a struggle you'll have today (could be with yourself) because you'll be unsure about what to do. This will be a very stressful and hard time for you. You may not leap and changes in the workplace today, either, or a new opportunity. But be thankful for the good news you do hear today and/or even for some extra cash on hand.

Virgo, Third Decanate: Stop waiting around to see what a lover will do; you may also leave home temporarily. You may also worry about your mail today (perhaps something isn't arriving on time). Be happy, though, that you have enough money to pay your bills!

Libra, First Decanate: Something unexpected will happen in a personal relationship today; it may not necessarily be positive because I seem to see it worrying you. Also, expect partial answers to things today; you'll need to pry more or do more research before you get the whole story. Just keep pushing forward today; don't change your goals or plans because it's the "easy way out."

Libra, Second Decanate: A relationship that looked like a sure things will prove to have been weaker than it seemed to be. This may be a friend or loved one; or you'll have problems with a friend or loved one. Your friends may also come to you today with their problems and you aren't sure what to tell them. Today you're good at pulling things together and making new beginnings.

Libra, Third Decanate: Like your Libra friends, you'll feel that a relationship has come to an end, although you feel you can't or don't know how to get out of it. You may also be feeling under the weather; seek medical attention if necessary! Be prepared for a change of plans; you may also hear from a relative about visiting.

Scorpio, First Decanate: To is all about new things, new ideas, and beginnings. You're looking a lot at love today and creative pursuits. You want satisfaction and happiness. Projects will be a success and problems from the past will be fixed. You'll also take a look at your relationships and choices today and will decide things are pretty damn good!

Scorpio, Second Decanate: Expect an admirer to get in touch with you today; they want to see you! You may also get word about a possible trip; could be concerning your job. Giving and receiving gifts todaay is definietly a plus for you!

Scorpio, Third Decanate: Expect to receive something legal-related in the mail today or soon. A business proposal or social invitation will prove to be a positive change, as well. You can expect delays today, but please please please know that the future is successful for you; this is only temporary.

Sagittarius, First Decanate: Great, strong feelings will come from you today concerning a relationship; marriage may also be indicated depending on your current relationship (so there could be talk of it). But you will be worried about your finances today due to a loss of income or severance of income. Please know today that you'll receive what you need or want, although it may not come to you in the way you would have liked it to.

Sagittarius, Second Decanate: You may receive some extra cash today; so you can purchase a gift for yourself for a job well-done! Others will help you today and offer you some sound advice; you are very likable today, too! You may also hear from a business or job today.

Sagittarius, Third Decanate: Something unexpected will come to you today either at work or concerning your finances; it may be your boss or employer backing you and supporting you. As a prediction, know that in time your social life will take off and you'll know what you want; you may also meet someone new (a new admirer). Find pleasure today in social activities or anything metaphysical! You may also be sought after by others!

Capricorn, First Decanate: A happy surprise awaits you today from a friend, loved one, or co-worker. However, today may be best to be low-key around others because of events going on. Try to solve your own issues before taking on others'. New projects won't get off the ground today and something negative at work may transpire.

Capricorn, Second Decanate: Today you want to get out of a situation that is holding you back and/or get out of your current job or line of work. Things at home today are going to be hard; you aren't sure what changes to make. Schedules will be difficult, you aren't sure what should be first in your life, and you're unsure what to do. By the end of the day, you'll pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on! 

Capricorn, Third Decanate: You may experience some finances difficulties; not getting as much money as you would like and wondering what you should do. But expect a turn around soon! Try not to travel today; bad news awaits. You may also be considering a move. But today luck is on your side to find the right answers and make the right choices.

Aquarius, First Decanate: A change of heart awaits you today; expect some assistance, good news, or new venture. You will also do some entertaining at home today; could be with a lover. The emptiness you feel will be replaced; don't worry.

Aquarius, Second Decanate: Be happy with a social outing or the result of a project! Expect a new friend to bring some insight into your life; pay attention to things because they'll teach you a lot, help you, and guide you! At the end of the day, tensions will vanish and issues will be resolved in your favor. Wrongs will be made right.

Aquarius, Third Decanate: Finances are on your side today! They might be a bit confusion as well as your career, but you'll suddenly know what to do and where to go! Buy something for someone today, too; if it's for a lover, it will help to win them over or get them to confess their feelings.

Pisces, First Decanate: Family will talk to you about their issues and may ask to come live or stay with you (or vice versa); these problems could be related to their love-life or finances. Today you aren't in the mood to work, either; but, that's okay, because things look pretty damn slow! But something new will make you a bit more happier about work. Think outisde the box today; this is where your true success lies.

Pisces, Second Decanate: Today your focus is on wanting and desiring things; you want to know your purpose. You also want material posessions. Expect to get something you want today, as well; could be something you didn't even know you wanted! It may be some additional money or even a call from someone. Money is on your side today as well as fixing things.

Pisces, Third Decanate: You'll take a good look at your relationship today to see if it is growing with you; if not, you'll get rid of it. You also want to be a part of something bigger when it comes to your job. Everything seems to be centered around growth today, huh? But today you'll find yourself in inner peace and calmness!

To purchase a personalized Tarotscope, click here where I have different types available! I also love comments so feel free to leave your thoughts! =]

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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