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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Intuitive Art, a Psychic Abilities Exercise: Elizabeth I as a Princess

Welcome to the first installment of my new series of posts called "Intuitive Art." If you're hoping for a quick read, this isn't the post for you! This will go on and on for quite some time! First, let me tell you a bit about what I mean by the title of this series. By "Intuitive Art" we are going to look at a piece of art and use our Psychic Abilities to intuitively tap into information from what we see.

So, you may wonder, what am I going to touch on in this post? First there will be a brief introduction and then we'll get to the good stuff. Well, here's an idea:

  1. History: We'll touch on the history of the painting, artist, and a bit more.
  2. Observations: We'll point out things that seem to stick out in the painting.
  3. Exercises: We'll focus on 11 Psychic Abilities involving this painting including Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairalience, Clairgustance, Empathy, Retrocognition, Remote Viewing, Precognition, and Mediumship.
  4. Tarot: This is an added exercise for those of you Tarot Readers! It allows you to make this picture into a card! Don't know anything about Tarot? What about an Oracle deck? No? Just make something up!
Before I get into into the above, I wanted to mention we all have Psychic Abilities. Those of you that are already open to them will find the exercises easier to do. If you aren't open to your Psychic Abilities, make sure you're in a quiet area and just go with what you get for the exercises. Don't just make stuff up like you're writing a novel. But if something comes to you, by all means, write it down. You'll also find that from the 11 abilities listed, you may only be able to get 3 or 4 to come through for you. It's okay; most people never bother to develop the others while some just find it too complicated. You'll find some abilities stronger than others; focus on a few if you'd like.

Keep in mind that this is just a painting so it will take some use of our imagination and let you Guides know this before hand. Ask your Spirit Guides to help tell you a story of this painting whether it's real (remember, Elizabeth I had to pose) or not. Trust what you get. Your Guides may tell you what happened at the time . . . or they may give you a story that they made up to make it like a clip in a movie or book! Accept what you receive.

Levina Teerlinc painted Elizabeth I as a Princess in 1559; it was an oil on wood painting. She became a successful artist, painting for the royal court of England; a rival for her male counterparts! She seemed to be admired more than them, as well. She was known around the court for her life-size portraits. Elizabeth I as a Princess was 3'6.75" x 2'8.25". Teerlinc's skill can be seen on this painting of Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn; it is assumed that Elizabeth is in her late 20s in this painting. The art is that of the Late Renaissance and is currently part of The Royal Collection, Windsor Castle, Windsor.

Some sources say this was actually done by William Scrots between 1546-1547; these sources clam her to be around 13 at the time. Can you pick up on who and when?

Is there anything that sticks out from the painting? Anything odd? Something that doesn't seem right? Or is there something that catches your eye? What is your initial reaction to the painting?

Now what I am going to ask you to do is pretend that this picture is a glimpse of the present. This will help you to better understand a few abilities. 

Clairvoyance: This is the ability to "see" things. Often these will be called "visions." Do you "see" anything happening. Sometimes these will come as though a film is playing or as pictures flashing before your eyes.

Clairaudience: This is the ability to "hear" things. Sometimes it may come to you as though you're physically hearing it aloud, sometimes as though you hear it in your head (doesn't mean you're crazy), or just as sudden thoughts (your Guides telling you information). Is there anything you "hear" from here? It could be literal sounds or just information you pick up from messages.

Clairsentience: This is the ability to "feel" things. This can be emotionally or physically feeling things; it also has to do with touching objects and receiving information (Psychometry) but we can do that with this because we can't physically touch it. But focus on what this makes you feel. Any emotions or physical feelings that come up? 

Claircognizance: This is the ability to "know" things without possibly knowing how you know it. Such as sitting in the car and suddenly you just know a song is on so you change the channel just in time to hear your favorite song! Is there anything you just "know" from this painting? Accept that which comes to you.

Clairalience: This is the ability to "smell" things. Do you smell any flowers or food? Let us all know what odor or fragrance is filling your nose! 

Clairgustance: This is the ability to "taste" things. Do you taste any food or anything else? Let us know!

Empathy: Empathy is similar to Clairsentience because it relates to emotional feelings; however, empathy is also where you just understand someone and/or their situation. Is there anything you understand from this painting? Perhaps you understand how Elizabeth feels or her situation in life. What do you empathize with? This is a natural ability we all are aware of; it just takes some fine-tuning to turn it Psychic!

Retrocognition: This is the ability to look into the past. What I want you to do is to look into what happened before the painting. Do you see any preparation going on? Anything happen? This can be from Elizabeth's point of view, a 3rd person point of view on Elizabeth, or a 3rd person point of view on the area where she was painted. Use any of the "clairs" that we talked about earlier.

Remote Viewing: This is the ability to see something happening at the time. What you are to do is transport yourself there (not literally, of course) and take a look around. Can you see the room? Can you see people moving? Make this happen at the time the portrait is being painted. Use any of the "clairs" we talked about earlier.

Postcognition: This is the ability to see into the future; it's the opposite of retrocognition. What do you see happening after the painting? This can be from Elizabeth's point of view, a 3rd person point of view, or a 3rd person point of view on the area where she was painted. Use any of the "clairs" we talked about earlier. 

Mediumship: This may or may not work; but I thought it was worth a shot. Mediums can contact those that have passed on, spirits, angels, and such. Are you able to contact Elizabeth or those present during the painting? Perhaps the artist? Is there anything that they have to say?

If you have a Tarot deck, what card do you think this painting would make based off of the picture and/or what you found out about it. Don't let suits make you shy away from choosing a card. Say, for example, if you feel it's the Three of Cups but don't choose it because it's lacking 3 cups; choose it anyway and pretend the cups are added in! What card do you see it being and why?

If you're an Oracle Reader then pretend this was a card either in one of your decks or in a deck that you can make up. What card do you see it being and why?

Don't Read Cards? Pretend you do! Pretend you're creating your own Oracle Deck where each Card has a name and means something. What would you name this card and why?

Please post your #2-#4 answers and results below as a comment! You can make it anonymously, if you would like; I would love to see them and so would others! I will post mine within the next 24 hours! =]

How did you like this exercise? Please let me know!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

P.S. Find a mistake above? Let me know, as well! Thank you!


  1. PART ONE!!!

    Observations: Upon first glance this photo seems very forceful (as if Elizabeth didn't want to take it in the first place) and gloomy (possibly a rainy day, even). I immediately notice her right hand has extremely long fingers! Possibly abnormally long; trust me, I have long fingers. Also, the book in the background is open but without writing; it also seems to be a bit TOO open because of how the pages can be seen. One could imagine the empty book as being Elizabeth's story that she was writing (by this I mean her life) as she lived. Always empty pages just waiting to be filled! Also, her facial expression really captures my attention at first glance; even her outfit!

    Clairvoyance Exercise: Well this is definitely not something I experience. But as I closed my eyes I could faintly see what seemed to be a hallway that turned a corner (to the right). I really wanted to say it was red (the walls) and perhaps the floor was a dark cherry-red wood. I'm not sure how this would play into it, unless it was actually a vision of the room where the painting to place, which turned a corner into a hallway or another room? It just really seemed to look more like a hallway.

    Clairaudience Exercise: This, being my first "clair" is what I would consider to be my strongest and main ability. It probably will continue to be. I kept hearing snippets of words so I'll list them as I hear them, then will organize them: darkness, false, questioning, world, quest, rancid, eloquence. These were just words that popped into my mind, basically. I had to cut it off or I might keep going on an on. Wait, another one: radiance. I think these words definitely have something to say about what was happening at that point in history; some of them may point more toward Elizabeth, though.

    Clairsentience Exercise: First I feel sadness and gloominess. Despair and what I want to call "emotional poverty." So it seems that my initial observations were quite right as far as my clairsentience is telling me! I really want to say that behind closed doors, things were realy quite hard for the young Princess at the time. I'm also feeling secrets being kept on her part. Also possibly a pain with her right ankle so she may have done something to it; twisted it, perhaps.

    Claircognizance Exercise: I really had an urge to say March and April which may be around the time this was painted. I also feel like there may have been a light snow at the time (just flurries). I also have a strong desire to say the man, William Scrots painted this when Elizabeth was 13. I can back this up by saying I feel a strong masculine energy, or vibration I guess you could say, coming from the image. It also seems to make more sense (age-wise) when looking at her.

    [To be continued because it was too big for one comment!]

  2. PART TWO!!!


    Clairalience Exercise: This might be a little hard to do since I'm burning incense. But I seem to get a sweet smell; seems to be a mixture of a light tobacco odor and flowers. But that might be a little tainted from my incense. =[ Note to self: don't burn incense next time.

    Clairgustance Exercise: Try as I might, I didn't get anything; although I really got a dry feeling like she was thirsty or was eating something dry prior to the portrait.

    Empathy Exercise: This will kind of be an add on to some of the Clairsentient things I mentioned. Definite sadness and even anxiety. Regardless of her age, it definitely seems like it was a lot for her and hard on her. Also, I feel her being mad at her father for something at this time. Just a lot of dread. Geez! =[

    Retrocognition Exercise: Well I really tried to visualize and focus on the image I had before. But the only thing I could see was a portrait (rather large) hanging on the far wall that I said seemed to go to the right. I also heard what seemed like a lot of noise, people talking, etc. It's hard to explain how I heard it as it wasn't physical; it may have been my claircognizance of just KNOWING there was noise and Clairsentience of feeling it. Other than that . . . nothing. =[

    Remote Viewing Exercise: Not too much on this, either. Perhaps I saw from Elizabeth's point of view; but it seemed like there was a rather large window with deep red curtains (such as the colors on the painting) with a large pile of pillow (almost the same color) in the corner of the room next to the window.

    Precognition Exercise: Nothing visual here; just what I can describe to be humming and the prescence of her father in the room.

    Mediumship Exercise: Nothing here, either; I didn't feel I communicated with her. But I've never claimed to be a Medium so this is definitely something to work on outside of these projects. =P The ONLY thing is that the thought "I'm dead" popped into my head. But other than that, that's it. =\

    Tarot Card: I've always had the urge to say Queen of Wands based off of this photo. She's mature for her age, I feel, and knows she has the power. She'll use it wisely. She is also a very passionate person, I feel, which suites the Queen of Wands nicely!

    Oracle Card: I'm pretending I made up my own Oracle Deck. I would lable this card "Surprise of Power" because I feel it packs a punch for an image. There is a lot of power in this image just waiting to be unleashed. The words on the bottom of this card to explain it might say something like "You have the power in yourself to do whatever you want, no matter what you may think and no matter what others may think."

    I hope to read yours! =] Feel free to leave comments to mine! =]

    Beautiful Blessings,
    Natasha <3


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