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About Me!

Hello, everyone! My name is Natasha. I go by Beautiful Blessings on LivePerson, a site where I work to provide Readings for clients all over the world! I also do Readings via Facebook! I came up with the name "Beautiful Blessings" because I believe that being able to provide Readings and gain this sort of information is a blessing and a beautiful one at that! Being able to know about situations or the future is something wonderful! "Evermore Wicked, Evermore Lovely" is a name I chose which was funny and cute! It's in my belief that everything is both positive and negative. So if something is forever wicked, it is forever lovely and vice versa!

I'm a Professional Tarot Reader and have been a Professional since going onto LivePerson and taking the leap on July 5th, 2009. I love what I do and it is something I do fulltime. I have a strong intuition which I also use in my Readings as well as empathy. I am a Psychic technically although I don't feel ready to call myself one in the wonderful world of Readings. I am working on my abilities which include Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and, more recently, Clairsentience. I'm working hard to help these abilities come out more and so far I'm getting some good results! There are times when I know things such as just knowing what song is or will be on the radio or what episode of a show will be on tv. Those are always very cool experiences for me!

With my Tarot Readings I provide honest answers to my clients. So if you only want to hear positive things, please don't choose me as your Reader. I always try to throw in something positive, but sometimes when you want to hear so-and-so loves you but I get otherwise . . . it's hard for you to even see anything else positive. I try to empower my clients with the ability to make their lives better. Sometimes this is hard to do depending on the Reading you get. Most people just want answers. But if you want to better yourself and your situation, let me know that and we'll design a Reading for you to really empower you! This will be more expensive that just a normal "answer my question" Reading, but it will provide you with empowerment!

I have a radio show on Blog Talk Radio that is called Beautiful Blessings Readings where I provide free mini intuitive Tarot Readings for callers! Be sure to check it out and follow me there so that you can stay up-to-date on new shows! I also invite you to join my fan page on Facebook called Beautiful Blessings Readings Radio Show where you will get updates, discounts, even free offers!

Feel free to contact me on Facebook and befriend me there! Ask me any question you want to whether it is about me, my Readings, my abilities, or anything else! =]

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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