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Frequently Asked Questions

I've compiled a list of questions I'm often asked. These are about me, Tarot, and a variety of other things. It is a list that is in progress so you'll see things constantly being added. Have a question you want answered? Leave a comment with your question!

What is Tarot?
- Tarot is a tool used for divination. A normal Tarot Deck includes 78 cards; 22 cards being the Major Arcana and 56 being the Minor Arcana. Tarot is used as a focal point for meditation, answering questions, and even is used for fortune telling (looking into the probable future). I also use it as a guide for my intuition to help tell me things that I then relay to you. So in my Readings I not only use symbolism that is shown on the cards, but I also use my intuition to intuitively Read them!

Are you a Psychic?
- Yes and no. Yes because I have the abilities of Clairaudience (I hear things), Claircognizance (I know things), and Clairsentience (I feel things). Those are the ones that have appeared to me thus far and I'm working on developing them. I also believe myself to be an Empath which is similar to Clairsentience. I am also working on connecting with my guides. I was also told a few times that I'm a Medium although I am quite far from calling myself one right now! [To know what these terms mean, click here!] In a Reading I do use these abilities when they come through. I believe myself to have a very strong intuition so it really helps. I also say no because I don't do pure Psychic Readings nor do I feel comfortable relying only on my abilities.

What is your level of accuracy?
- There isn't any specific rate of accuracy that I have (it's impossible to tell) but accuracy depends on many things. I don't believe in including predictions as accuracy since the future is constantly changing. As far as my level of accuracy with the past, present, or other known things, it would be around 90-95% I would assume. On LivePerson I have a 4.90 out of 5.00 rating average which is pretty damn good! To see those reviews, click here! 

Where do you live?
- In the good ole U.S. of A. =]

Can I get a free Reading?
- Sorry, but I don't give free Readings unless there is a special offer on my blog (so look around). This is what I do for a living. This is my job; I'm a Professional. =] [Click here to see why I charge.]

But I really don't have the money to pay you for a Reading. Can I please get one for free?
- I wouldn't ask you to work for free so please don't ask me to work for free. Remember that each time I give someone a free Reading it takes away food from my family's table and provides me with less money to provide for them. I would be more than happy to try bartering with you, though! I get so many people that feel like I owe them free Readings; please go to your local store, doctor, restaurant, and car dealership and ask them for free services and products; see how far you get. =P

I'm skeptic and have been cheated out of money in the past from "Readers." You're going to be the same way, right?
- No matter what I do, I can't make you trust me. You can see from my feedback on LivePerson that I'm an honest Reader. I don't take money from others as frauds do. So please decide for yourself whether I am trustworthy or not as I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable while getting a Reading from me. Also, I have been known to turn skeptics into believers; you just have to be open to it.

Can you teach me how to Read Tarot, tell me what a Reading means, or help me out with Tarot?
- Sure! I'm working on how to teach Tarot, but, for now, I offer Tarot Tutoring! Check it out!

Can you tell my future?
- What I can do is tell the probable future. Things are constantly changing and nothing is set in stone. This means things have the ability to change. What I can do for you in a Reading is look at where things are leading if things continue on the current path. I can also help you change things and see where things will lead, then. We can look at what doing different things will do to the outcome. So, yes, I can look into the future and help you try to obtain the end result that you want; but sometimes things change, even if we follow a certain path. Why? Other people have free will, as well, and their influences can change our own outcomes.

Do you ever amaze yourself?
- Yes, I do! Still there are things that amaze me by what I am able to see, especially if it is something I pick up on intuitively without the cards. I did a Reading for a client whose Father was going to have open heart surgery; there was about a 95% chance of it happening. I told her I didn't see him having the surgery which was against the odds. But, guess what! He didn't have the surgery. I said he would be put on medication and there would be some side effects . . . and it sure happened! I still continue to amaze myself and it's quite scary! 

What are your religious views?
- First off, I love religious studies; I am also a non-denominational Minister. Mine are a mixture of some sort; it's still something I'm getting around to figuring out completely, though. I was raised Roman Catholic and my Christian beliefs still hold to an extent. But I also admire Pagan beliefs (including Wiccan ones). I do believe in Witchcraft and Magick and am learning various things about it. So I suppose you could think of me as a Christian Witch in-training. =] To be a bit more specific, it is possible to see me as a Solitary Eclectic Christian Witch. Strange, right? I believe we can use energy and the world around us to our advantage and help us make changes in our lives. Witches can be a Witch through their beliefs (such as by being Pagan) or by practicing Witchcraft (as a way of life). This is a topic that I NEVER get tired of. Expect some posts on this in the future, as well! Please note that I accept any religion, though; I will not judge you based off of your religious views. I like to keep an open mind and an open heart.

Can you Read for yourself?
- Yes, I do! It can be difficult to stay objective, though. When Reading for myself I want to make sure I'm seeing things as they're actually appearing instead of how I want things to be. So it can be difficult, but I do it often.

Do you ever get Readings done by others?
- Yes, I do! I've found that almost all Readings I've had done have been inaccurate so I might be hard to Read. It's nice to go to others, though, when I don't want to Read for myself.  

I'll update this some more. These are just a few questions to get things started. There are so many more I want to address; but I need a rest for now! =]

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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