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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why I Charge for Readings

This has been a question that I've been asked since I became a Professional; and it's a question that I wondered about before I even had a deck of Tarot Cards. A lot of people wonder why someone would charge for a "gift" or "ability" such as being able to Read Cards or using Psychic Abilities. But this is something we can all do if we take the time to learn! =] A singer charges for their gift and ability to sing, in most cases!

Each Reader charges for different reasons; some different and some the same in relation to my own. So I can't tell you why Readers as a whole charge because we're all different. But I can tell you why I charge for my Readings. Here's why:

  • Knowledge & Experience: This isn't just something I learned over night. It took years of practice and studying. So I charge for my knowledge and experience. I'm sure 10 years from now I'll charge more than I do now simply because I know more. Why do you pay doctors? They know what the hell they're doing! Why do you pay teachers? They know their subjects! 
  • Time: It takes time to do a Reading. So the more time it takes me to do your Reading, the more I charge. Like the saying goes: time is money. Normally each of my e-mail Readings take about 20 minutes per question; so you can see how that adds up. A new type of Reading I have coming out soon we take literally a few hours to complete because of how detailed it is!
  • Energy: Readings can be so draining! Sometimes it is only possible to do a few Readings a day if they're so draining. That's another reason why I charge what I do for my time. A more draining Reading will cost more because it means I don't have time for other Readings. Over time you do learn how to handle this to keep yourself from being drained so much, though.
  • This is My Job: This is my job; my career. This is basically my only source of income. Every time someone asks me for a free Reading, they're asking me to take money away from my own family; that means less food, clothing, etc., for my own family. I'm sorry, but I can't do that. =[ I don't expect anyone out there to work for free so I shouldn't be expected to, either. Amateurs don't charge because they're still learning how to become a Professional. But sometimes you'll run into people that have been Reading for 25+ years and don't charge; but these people almost always have a steady job with a nice income. Reading isn't what they do full-time.
  • A Reading is a Luxury, Not a Necessity: This is the hard truth, for some. I can't tell you how many times I've run into people that say I "need" to help them because they "need" to know. Being able to get insight in the form of a Reading truly is a luxury like going out to eat at a fancy restaurant, buying a new outfit, or taking a vacation! =] So, no, you don't "need" to know how your ex boyfriend that you haven't heard from in 5 years feels about you. You don't "need" to know how many times Mary Beth thinks of you daily. If I get something that I feel you truly "need" to know, I will pass it on to you.
This post isn't meant to be rude or accusing; it is meant to be informative as I am often asked this question. Other Readers charge for the materials they use; especially if they cast spells. Some charge a little extra if they're renting a venue. Others charge a higher amount if they use a platform that takes a certain percentage of their money (such as a website I am on called LivePerson which takes approximately 50%).

Don't feel bad about asking a Reader why they charge. It will show that you appreciate the Reader's wishes to charge and that you're interested. Remember that just because Readers charge for their services, it doesn't mean we're all con-artists. Sure, they're out there; but there are also compassionate and genuine Readers. 

I hope that you now feel comfortable knowing why Readers say "I'd love to help you, but I'd have to charge you $25." They have food to put on the table and bills to pay just like everyone else! =] Often Readers that charge will do some Reading voluntarily. Some do it for a good cause. Others do it in the form of giveaways (which is what I do from time-to-time). Just think about it: what would you do if you were a Reader?

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3


  1. Right on, Natasha!!! Especially the part about readings being a luxury - people get through their whole lives just fine without ever getting a reading - they're definitely luxury items!

  2. Hi, Nathara! Thank you! =D Normally the people that think they NEED a Reading are people that truly NEED to STOP getting Readings (they're addicted) or NEED to seek some medical help. At least, that's what I've found so far. Another reason is because they have no respect for Readers and feel everything is owed to them; those are just the jerks. But I definitely agree: people are perfectly fine WITHOUT Readings!

    Beautiful Blessings,
    Natasha <3

  3. I totally think you're right about people being addicted to readings being the ones who "need" them! I hadn't thought of it like that!


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