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Psychic Terms

Below you will find a list of various Psychic terms as well as other terms associated with divination! This isn't a complete list but is very general and touches on the basics.

Angel - A heavenly or holy being that exists to help and guide others; a positive entity. Others include Archangels and Guardian Angels.

Astral Projection - When a person leave the physical body and travels to other places in or out of the earth's plane (such as the Astral Plane).

Astrology - A system of predicting future events through studying the movement of celestial bodies.

Aura - The energy field around a person or object which can tell the Aura Reader of emotions and such.

Automatic Writing - When someone is in a trance-like state and their unconscious (or spirits) take over writing.

Chakras - The body's energy centers. We have 7 main ones!

Channel - When an entity or spirit is able to speak through a human that acts as a conduit.

Clairalience - The ability to "smell" things.

Clairaudience - The ability to "hear" things. Psychics experience this in different ways ranging from hearing voices to hearing their subconscious.

Claircognizance - The ability to "know" things without knowing how or why you know it.

Clairgustance - The ability to "taste" things.

Clairsentience - The ability to "feel" things. This can range from picking up on energy to feeling what another person is feeling.

Clairvoyance - The ability to "see" things. This is also different for Psychics. Some see occurences such as films and others see pictures.

Divination - The ability to predict the future or find objects or other information by using Psychic abilities or other methods of divination such as Tarot.

Empathy - The ability to feel emotions and understand situations or people. This is closely related to Clairsentience.

Fairy - A form of spirit resembling a small person or a full-scale person; fairies are said to have magical powers, as well!

Free Will - The ability to make decisions for yourself. We all have this and our free will plays a big role in what will happen in our future. By using our free will we can change the outcomes of things!

Horoscope - A chart developed from your birth date that includes the patterns of the heavens at the exact time of your birth. Your personal horoscope is meant to be your guide to the future, providing predictions of what might happen.

Intuition - The ability to know things that is not related to conscious reasoning.

Karma - Unresolved situations from past lives that carry over into the current life.

Medium - A person through whom the deceased can communicate with the living.

Mental Telepathy - Nonverbal communication through the mind.

Palmistry - The ability to read the future by studying the lines and shapes of the palm of the hand.

Postcognition - A visual image that shows how an event from the past actually happened.

Precognition - A knowledge of something that may happen in the future.

Premonition - The feeling that something is going to happen before it does.

Psychic - Someone that has Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, or other abilities and is able to gain knowledge from outside sources such as Spirit Guides.

Remote Viewing - When someone is physically able to view a location and to report back what he or she observes.

Retrocognition - Psychic information gathered from the past.

Scrying - Using visual aids to help go into a trance to see into the future. An example of this is my using a crystal ball!

Spirit - A non-physical entity.

Spirit Guide - A spirit that is set to help us through our lifetime or a specifc time in our life. We have multiple guides at one time and have the ability to communicate with them. Sometimes we know them from past lives. Spiritu Guides can range from humans to animals, from fairies to other mystical and magickal beings! Many Psychics communicate with their guides to receive information.

Tarot - A deck of cards designed for psychic purposes--to help interpret past, present, and future events. It also is used to look deeper into situations. Most decks include 78 cards with 22 being the Major Arcana and 56 being the Minor Arcana.

Telekinesis - The ability to get a psychic image from an object by touching it. This is closely related to Clairsentience with "touching" only it involves objects!

Telepathy - Communication of one mind with another by some means beyond normal sensory perception.

Third Eye - The center of the forehead, a prime spot for Psychics! This is often where visions and other information is believed to come from.

Trance - An altered state of consciousness in which the unconscious mind is open to suggestion and loses its ability to make critical decisions.

Ask your Psychic or Reader what abilites they have, if you're curious. You can also ask them how they receive information if you're really curious such as asking them if they see what looks like films or flashes of images if they're Clairvoyant!

I will be adding to this list in the future!

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