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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Get free articles delivered directly to your inbox! Articles will include Spirituality, love, life, Tarot, Astrology, the Paranormal, and just about anything and everything else! Special offers are include in each Newsletter! Sign up NOW and get a FREE Natal Chart casting so that you'll know all about your planets and can use the Astrological information in the Newsletters to your advantage!

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Ultimate Quest Tarot Readings (Situation -- Don't Do -- Do)

Guaranteed to be one of the BEST Readings you will EVER have! You'll receive pages of information, pictures of the Cards, and more! You can choose how I shuffle and pick the Cards and even which deck I use! It is also meant to be interactive! To read about ALL it has to offer and to see pictures of the decks, check out this PDF file!

This particular Reading is $60 but for a LIMITED TIME only it is on sale for 50% off at just $30! Interested? Contact me on Facebook and we'll talk about it before you purchase.

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

Monday, December 27, 2010

Special Limited Time 2011 Prediction Readings

Are you looking for some predictions for the new year? Whether you're just wanting to test the water and get a one-month outlook or a whole year's outlook, now is better than EVER before! In this Special offer you will be getting your own personal outlook for a month (or each month if you would like the whole year).

Normally I use 6 Tarot Cards per month but in this special offer I will be using 8 giving you 33% more information than usual! What else makes this special is that you will receive PICTURES of the Cards I draw! The best part? You can CHOOSE from one of the twelve decks I have! You can even use a different deck per month! Here are the different decks to choose from (click on them to see a link of pictures of the Cards):
1. Gilded Tarot
2. Rider-Waite Tarot
3. Llewellyn Tarot
4. Golden Tarot
5. Revelations Tarot
6. Robin Wood Tarot
7. DruidCraft Tarot
8. Dark Grimoire Tarot
9. Legacy of the Divine Tarot
10. Tarot of Vampyres
11. Tarot of the Renaissance
12. Tarot of the Holy Grail 

To purchase one monthly set of predictions (an outlook), you can purchase via PayPal below for $5 (USD).

If you would like an entire year of predictions (12 outlooks for the 12 months), you can purchase via the PayPal button below for $50 (USD) where you save $10 (instead of buying monthly).

 These special offers will only be available for a short period of time and your personal outlook will be sent to you in a PDF format including the scan of all 8 Cards used. Remember that this is a fun little glance into your life and what it touches on is completely random; you will receive a large paragraph outlook.

Want a weekly set of predictions? You can purchase a 4-week set of these weekly predictions for $20.

You can also get a complete 52-week set for $200 ($60 off)!

The Readings will be delivered within 3 days of purchase although I'll try to turn them around and get them to you within a day. These are perfect gifts for friends and family! Or as a nice treat for yourself!

After purchasing, please send me a Facebook message titled "2011 Reading" and include which deck (or decks) you would like and for what month (or week [number them from 1 to 52]). For example:
"Please use the Gilded Tarot for me for January-June and Revelations Tarot for July-December. Thank you!"
"I would like the Tarot of the Holy Grail used in all my outlooks."

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3