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Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 Uncommon Questions for Romance Readings

A lot of the Readings I do for clients revolve around romance. There are common questions such as knowing their feelings, intentions, where things are going, what they think of the person, and a few other common ones. Rarely do I get someone that wants to focus on other questions to really gain more insight into motives or reasons for why someone is acting a certain way or how to better the situation. Sometimes they just want answers and don't feel like asking other questions; others come to me in a live session and don't want to waste time focusing on other questions that may actually help them!

So I sat down today with a mission: to think of 10 questions I'm rarely, if ever, asked that really benefit the client more than they may think! Here is what I've come up with:

  1. What current obstacles should I know about? This will provide you with knowledge of what currently is holding the relationship back or hurting it. It could show things such as another person, fears, other priorities, and whatever else may be creating a blockage. By knowing about this, it will help you to see what must be overcome.
  2. What will hold me back from the relationship? This is similar to the above question except it focuses just on you but also take into consider the near future. It'll point out fears, other relationships, family matters, or even a job change before it happens. This is great to ask if you want to see what you can focus on overcoming.
  3. What will hold my partner back from the relationship? This is the same as the above but focuses instead on your partner and the near future. Know about their ex-lover coming back before it happens or know about their family's influence over him or her. This is the question to ask if you want to know what will make them pull away.
  4. What advice is there for the relationship? This focuses solely on advice for the relationship. It can be things such as making sure to spend alone time together, don't focus on the negatives, try something new, to anything else. This more focuses on the relationship on a whole. Ask this to get some guidance. 
  5. What can I do to better the relationship? This is like the above question but focuses just on you. So this should reach you on a more personal level. It can give advice such as to make sure you don't go out too much, that you ignore a past lover, or that you should send your lover a gift every now and again as a surprise. This is perfect to see what you can do!
  6. What can my partner do to better the relationship? Sometimes you can only do so much in a relationship. This is good to give to your partner to show them what they can do to better the relationship! Maybe they should cook for you, trust you more, or even befriend your parents! Perfect for guidance for your partner.
  7. How does my partner feel about being together? This can be used for a current relationship, past relationship, or relationship interest. In a common Reading we might look at their feelings and intentions; but sometimes they may love you (feelings) and may want to be with you (intentions) . . . although they may feel like being with you would "trap" them. So this is very important! Sometimes even looking into the future and seeing a relationship doesn't mean jack if the person feels uncomfortable with a relationship. It will only create problems. Ask this is you want to know how they feel about being together.
  8. How does my partner feel about breaking up? This is similar to the above question but it looks like how your partner would feel about being apart. This may be someone you're with now, used to be with (how they feel about being apart), or are thinking about being with (how they feel about not being with you in the long-run). This would look at if the person would feel broken-hearted, happy, free, lost, and so on. It will truly let you know if they feel they would be better off apart. This is good to ask if you want to know how someone feels about being apart.
  9. What can I expect from being together? This will let you know what you can expect as far as the relationship goes if you and your partner are together. It will let you know if you'll feel like things aren't going anywhere, if they will get more serious, and so on. By asking this you'll know whether or not this is something you want.
  10. What can I expect from being apart? This will let you know what you can expect as far as the relationship goes if you and your partner break up (or remain apart). You'll be able to see if you will feel more free or more sad. Sometimes it may show other possible relationships although it doesn't always happen. This is the best question to ask if you're thinking about being apart.
There are so many more questions that I will put into another blog post some day, but these are the top 10 that I want to introduce to clients for now. Each of the above is perfect for insight into relationships so you can know what may hinder the relationship, help it, and if it's really a good idea for both of you. So feel free to use these in your next session with me or another Reader! You will be surprised by just how much information you receive and just how much clearer the picture becomes for you. Not eveything can be known by just knowing someone's feelings and intentions. There are so many different parts to a relationship and making a successful one! These are just a couple more questions to ask to get the bigger picture!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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