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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My First Face-to-Face Reading

Sure, I'm a Professional Tarot Reader; but I only do my Readings online. I have never Read for a client face-to-face. Honestly, I'm afraid; I get nervous. Even Reading for friends I get nervous because of how they stare at me and then I just begin to panic . . . and then forget what I was going to say. I've been asked to Read for people on a few occasions but I turn them down because I'm too afraid. Sure, I'm a Professional when it comes to online Readings, it seems, but when it comes to being face-to-face with someone . . . I feel like an absolute amateur! But yesterday . . . I got my chance to see what I could do.

Allow me to paint the picture for you, if I may! I was on a "date" with a guy that has been bugging me for months to go out with him and I've kept putting it off. We went to Borders where I had to get a new deck of cards . . . but this time and Oracle deck! It's called the "Ask Your Guides Oracle Deck" by Sonia Choquette and it is a deck that my dear friend Jessica Lee uses and has suggested to me over and over again. So I just had to get it. At first I thought they didn't have the deck until my eyes focused on the upper right hand corner; et voila! There is a book that can be used with the deck to help you contact your guides and I thought they wouldn't have it and if they did, it would take me ages to find it! I glances at probably 3 or 4 bookshelves and immediately my eyes focused on a single book: the one by Sonia Choquette! I thought it definitely had to be a sign . . . so I bought it! 

Let's fast forward a bit! After Borders, Starbucks was just closing. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love Starbucks and have been wanting a Frappuccino for weeks. So, instead, we (I know, I forgot I was on a date, too) went across the street to McDonalds to get a Frappe! We settle down at a table and I take out my spread cloth and Tarot Deck. The guy I was with is a skeptic so it was very interesting to say the least. But over walk a few employees and they asked if they could have a Reading when I was done and if I charge. I said of course they could have one and I wouldn't charge; I was too nervous to charge because I didn't know how I would do! They walked away and I had some time to look at my new deck!

So, there I was, playing around with my new deck, shuffling it, getting a feel for it, and out pops a card! This definitely was my new friend saying "Hello, there!" The card that fell out: Psychic Awareness! A fine message, indeed! I did a Reading for myself and my date and then waited for some people to walk over.

The first girl was very petite and had such positive energy around her! You could just tell that she was a wonderful person, very kind, gentle, and truly wanted to succeed. She wanted to know if things would work out in the long-run for her and her boyfriend. I decided to make up a spread on the spot (which I ended up using for all the Readings, in the end) that consisted of looking at the next 4 seasons, the other person's feeling and intentions, obstacles to the relationship, and advice. The Reading was very positive and left her very happy!

The second girl walked over and she seemed pretty nervous but, nevertheless, kept a happy face. This was probably my favorite Reading. She wanted to know if things would work out between her and her baby's daddy; they were currently trying to work things out. For Winter I finally saw things getting worked out; the Six of Cups appeared. But what was strange is that the little kids on the card that were having a good time really stood out to me. In each Reading, different aspects of a card stand out; but this one was practically screaming at me! So immediately I asked her if her baby's birthday was in the Winter. Her eyes widened and she said "Yes . . . wow . . . this is so weird." Thank you, intuition! =] It seemed to be a pretty accurate Reading and seemed to really help her out!

The third and final girl sad down and she said she really didn't know what she wanted a Reading on but I could sense that something was bugging her. Finally she said she wanted to look into her relationship with her girlfriend. Things looked up and down on that front but, in the end, I provided her with enough information to overcome all these little things that would be coming up.

I also wanted to add something new to this post! I did a tiny Reading for my date on what would take place today. I saw an ex contacting him in the afternoon. Just heard from him and an ex contacted him! Very interesting, no? =]

I was so happy with what I was able to do both with helping others and catching that birthday! It definitely makes me more confident when it comes to in-person Readings and now I want to do it some more! Some people may wonder why I didn't charge when I just wrote an article called Why I Charge for Readings just a few days ago. The answer is that I didn't feel confident enough in myself because it was a first for me; also, it felt right to do in that situation. Will I charge next time? Perhaps . . . or perhaps I'll just ask for a donation or tip of whatever they would like to give!

I definitely felt fulfilled after that and very pumped and excited! As for my new deck, I think we're going to bond quite well as it made me see somethings about a situation that I've never seen before! And the book? So far it's wonderful and I'm looking forward to communicating more with my guides!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

P.S. This is the new Oracle deck and book that I bought! Take a look and buy one yourself if you're interested in doing Readings and/or contacting your guides! Then I've listed the deck I use, as well, for my Tarot Readings! The first one is the set from the creator and artist with a companion book; the second is the same deck with a different companion book. Take a look!


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