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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tarotscopes: Friday, August 6th, 2010

Friday marks the beginning of the weekend after the day is mostly over! See how yours will play out!

Not sure which decanate you are? Click here to find out by finding where your date of birth falls! Also, feel free to share this with friends on Facebook to let others see what their day holds for them!

Aries, First Decanate: You'll enjoy being in the company of others today; someone will even change the way you view things! Expect a cut of expenses today (could be medical-related), a delivery, and/or something romance-related such as someone new or an opportunity. Your advice for today is just to allow time to take its course; don't rush things.

Aries, Second Decanate: Today seems to bring some issues with your mouth; perhaps a toothache. You may also have achey muscles. I'm also seeing you being more stimulated than ususal; perhaps you're more sexually active today than you normally are? Luck is on your side today with finances as well as turning a negative issue around. Soon, what was wrong will be set right.

Aries, Third Decanate: A turn of events will upset you because it seems to go against what you want; in the end, things will be fine. New ideas are on your side today so try new things! Today is a day to do some thinking about life in general; know what to expect.

Taurus, First Decanate: You're going to feel troubled today because you won't be able to talk to a loved one; this will change soon. But expect a good message or letter from someone today or very very soon! However, you may not want to talk to people on the phone; they'll upset you like mad today! You also may hear from someone that is canceling plans.

Taurus, Second Decanate: Expect to hear from or visit a relative today or in the very near future. Today is your day to better yourself and your life. You'll find bargains today and may even receive a gift. It's a good day to be around others and work; even unexpect events will prove to be good! Know that you'll get what you want; the Universe has agreed with it. Just wait for it to happen.

Taurus, Third Decanate: An unexpected problem will prove to be a blessing; perfection is also on your side. You will also receive an expression of gratitude or a letter by surprise! Be happy for the spiritual assistance and guidance you are gettign at this time; open up to it!

Gemini, First Decanate: Stop trying to accomplish so much today; you're doing too much at one time and are sure to feel pressured and your health with take a drop. Expect life around the house to change in a positive way; you may also be trying to figure things out at home. Don't try to combine work with friendship today; you may also receive calls about work and/or money.

Gemini, Second Decanate: Something will suddenly happen on the romance front; could be a flirtation, invitation, or something more! You'll receive a lot of calls and messages today and will be quite busy! You may also be spending a lot of time today outside the home. You may even want to be and/or be by water or the country. Your tensions will ease up today as you're in the right place at the right time, it seems!

Gemini, Third Decanate: You want things to change and be better; they aren't up to par for you today. You may also be nervous or awaiting a letter; could contain money or deal with work. Keep in mind that today will bring you small successes; don't expect anything all that big.

Cancer, First Decanate: You'll take a good look at where you are in life, especially in terms of your career. Is it what you really want? Will it really benefit you? You'll carry on, though. In time you will see things become more easier in a situation you felt was impossible. By the end of the day you'll realize a part of your life is coming to an end and it's time to begin anew; this time it will be in a new direction.

Cancer, Second Decanate: Today things will go wild in your life and you'll be upset that you don't have that much control over it. But, on the plus side, someone is going to try to win you over; could be a person younger than you. From that or something else that happens today, you will see something new in your life.

Cancer, Third Decanate: Expect delays when it comes to romance; something that looks promising isn't what it looks like. Others will affect you today at work; but you'll handle whatever comes up. Expect things to be put off today or left unfinished; you'll need a break so go take a nap when needed!

Leo, First Decanate: There may not be much love or money in your life today, but don't let that get you down! Why focus on the negatives? Although work may look slow, things will improve greatly today or in the near future! Need something else to be happy for? Well today you're in the right place at the right time! Tensions will begin to fade a little today, as well!

Leo, Second Decanate: You're going to hear from someone today, either by a message or call, that will cause you to make a decision. But new doors open today as far as work is concerned. It could be a job offer, change in the place of work, or a new idea of yours! Expect something from someone today; it will be unselfish on their part. But you will both benefit from this. Be sure to thank him or her because it may be a sacrifice on his or her part!

Leo, Third Decanate: You'll be afraid to trust yourself; your decisions worry you because, in the past, you may have made the wrong ones or it may not have worked out how you wanted it to. Tonight you can expect a late-night call; could be from an admirer. But expect something life-changing to happen today. Don't worry; whatever happens, you'll be saved. Afterward, just relax and think about othert hings for a while.

Virgo, First Decanate: You may talk or receive a gift today as well as call a friend. Expect relatives to be worried today, though, about the outcome of something; it could be a legal matter. But luck is actually on your side today, Virgo! You'll be able to come up with great ideas and even begin to turn your dreams into a reality!

Virgo, Second Decanate: Today you may push someone out of your mind so you don't get wrapped up in emotions; this could be a romantic interest of yours. Finances may be tense today, but they will soon be overcome and you can even expect a payment or something similar once all is said and done. Today is a good day to get a gift ready for a friend that's away. Expect others to be very supportive and loving today, as well.

Virgo, Third Decanate: You've been looking ahead to the future lately and planning things in your mind when it comes to someone; this could be a lover, friend, or family member. Today that is going to change. Good news concerning your business and/or finances awaits you, though! If you're someone that is a public figure, you may find more publicity coming your way today, as well! You may also hear from a romantic interest. By the end of the day your outlook on life will be pretty positive because of the improvements that you have seen.

Libra, First Decanate: You may feel like when it came to a relationship, you may the wrong choice. Remember it really seemed the like the best things to do . . . and the only choice. Just let things work their course. You may pull out of a romantic relationship today because things look pretty disappointing. But something new comes to you today; it could be a new job, line of work, or even something for your talents, life, and so on! Just something new and positive!

Libra, Second Decanate: Today you just want answers; you don't care about the little details. You may also want someone to commit to you more. I'm also seeing you doubting yourself today when it comes to work. But you're in a fun-loving frame of mind today; go do something sensual or buy something nice for yourself!

Libra, Third Decanate: You're observing things today; taking a look at your work, your spirituality, and even discussing things. You may do activities with others today. You want things to grow and you want new beginnings. You may worry about your finances to the point where you back off from spending; this could be due to less income coming in that you were used to or expected. Things are really just starting to change today; it'll be some time before you see the changes. New ideas and new ways are thinking are also a plus for the day!

Scorpio, First Decanate: I'm not going to lie to you, dear Scorpio; today is going to suck. Someone is going to let you down today. Either that relationship, or another, is breaking apart at the foundation . . . or the foundation of the relationship may be hard to ground. Look out for a misunderstanding or argument, as well. Today is the day to check out all the details and follow your intuition; you need it.

Scorpio, Second Decanate: You're paying attention to the difficult and/or complicated situations in your life; it might be your job, finances, something from the past, friends, family, lovers, or pretty much anything else. You have mixed emotions, though, when it comes to romance with another; you feel the push and pull. Look out for a shakey relationship today because of this; expect strong emotions.

Scorpio, Third Decanate: You'll feel more secure today as more money begins to come in or as your budget seems be be more loose. Today freedom is on your side as responsibilities become more fair. Your advice for today is to just stick to your path; keep heading in the same direction.

Sagittarius, First Decanate: Today isn't going to be an easy day for you, Sagittarius. A trip that you're on or planning to take is going to take a turn which will disappoint you. But you're going to put your foot down today and say enough is enough; you won't settle for less anymore! But unavoidable obligations around the home with be a true test for you.

Sagittarius, Second Decanate: Today you want things to change . . . big time; things can't stay they way they are now. Be happy that you've completed something, though; at least the stress of that is done. The only thing you can really do now is to let things in your life resolve themselves.

Sagittarius, Third Decanate: A lover or romantic interest from the past may make a re-appearance today; but you'll be unsure of what to do with it. Expect some trouble with your sleep today; your emotions may also be all over the place. Please know that you are receiving guidance and assistance spiritually during this time of stress.

Capricorn, First Decanate: Expect someone to bring something new to your attention today; it could change how you look at your life or a situation. So stop feeling like everyone else has what you want. You may want to move elsewhere, leave this life behind, and just start over somewhere else. Today you may be working with self-help material and/or reading a lot. Don't be mad because your efforts aren't being seen now by others, either; this will soon change.

Capricorn, Second Decanate: Today you can expect someone to say something bad to you about where you're going in life; consider the source! Travel may be necessary today or in the near future; watch out for confusion. Today is a good day for socializing with others or even reuniting with a friend or loved one; you'll also get a lot of enjoyment from going on a shopping spree!

Capricorn, Third Decanate: Today seems like a hard day for you, Capricorn. You'll be worried that a black cloud is looming over you; that bad luck is all over you. You may fear doing anything new, especially today, since it seems you're worried about it being tainted with bad luck. You may be let down when something can't be fixed or when things go wrong at work. The good news is that there is a positive changes in finances and you may find that you're able to cut corners with things! If someone owes you money, today is the day to call to ask for it back.

Aquarius, First Decanate: Today you're worried about your finances and career. You may consider breakign away from your "safe zone" and trying something that can offer you much more! You may also have choices to make with love and investments. As with your Capricorn friends, someone may be telling you bad news about your future because it's something they think they know; consider the source! I also seem to see you mailing something today and waiting for a reply; remember that it will take some time!

Aquarius, Second Decanate: Today you're going to want something so badly that you're going to be so positive about it; close off your mind to negativity! You may also think about moving. Others may not support you today; don't give them the time of day right now! Be happy that your finances are getting you by; let your motivation be a nice push!

Aquarius, Third Decanate: Things may look disappointing in your life right now; this may make you lose your motivation. It may be especially hard when it comes to love; you may think about it a lot when you're around others. Just know that today . . . nothing is clear-cut. Things won't be resolved and relationships are still going to be on the rocks. But, little do you know, you did the right thing; changes will happen soon.

Pisces, First Decanate: You're paying a lot of attention to relationships, finances, your career, and "moving on up." Expect some mood swings today; you may also daydream about love. Good fortune will come to you today, as well!

Pisces, Second Decanate: Good news will come to you today concerning your career or finances or you'll receive an important letter or package. Be happy your heart is healing and growing; someone is also going to show you some love today! As some advice for the day, don't give up; sometimes things really are hopeless. Find your faith whether it's in God or another deity.

Pisces, Third Decanate: A little bit of everything will be on your mind today. A little more focus may be on your relationships and communication; travel may also enter your mind. You want things to become clear in your life. Trust others today if they're going to be a part of your life and/or if you need them to help you out. Also, stop worrying about money that will arrive late; you'll receive it soon. You may even receive a little extra cash soon!

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Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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