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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tarotscopes: Sunday, August 1st, 2010

What does your Sunday hold for you? Will relationships be easy? Will love be difficult? What about finances and your job? Take a look with a FREE Tarotscope made by yours truly! =]

To find out which decanate you are, please click here to see the list! Feedback would be loved!

I originally was making these into huge paragraphs but it took about half an hour for each one. So I had to downsize and cut out so so much. (You can always contact me for a full-size Reading or your own personal Tarotscopes that will be more detailed!) Sorry they're late! =[

Aries, First Decanate: Today you may see relationships coming to an end, especially if it is a romantic relationship that you've been worried about for some time. Although you may still love them, you know it's time to move on. Look for delays with anything related to papers or legal matters. The day may be tough, but you'll soon realize it's actually the beginning of a new (and more positive) path into your future.

Aries, Second Decanate: No matter how much you try to avoid your family today, they're always going to pop up. So things are home are unavoidable; face it! You may feel sad or experience apprehension because of changes going on. But soon it will change and you'll be more positive! So when you begin to weigh the pros and cons of relationships, think of it another day because today you won't come to a decision. Know someone is there for you today, even if you don't see them; trust your inner voice.

Aries, Third Decanate: Today everything is about communication and expansion. You're going to want changes (like your Aries friends) but everything will be in the thought process and communication rather than action. Good messages do await you today, though, which will cause your spirits to soar! If anything bugs you today, know that in time everything will work out. Nothing is done in vain.

Taurus, First Decanate: You're trying to figure out if a new relationship would work as well as focusing a lot on finances and your career. This is a sudden change for you as you become more goal-oriented and motivated! Trust me, it will pay off in the workplace (and you may get a financial boost)! So when you feel communication is off with others, this will pay off by having you try to fix the problem before it turns into something greater. And friends will be coming from left and right to you today!

Taurus, Second Decanate: Your attitude will get the best of you today, Taurus! You'll find it impossible to keep the same attitude for long. But a compliment or gift from another will brighten your spirits; focus on your success, too! Who knows, maybe that admirer or lover will call you today! Positivity brings about positivity! By the end of the day you should see what you need to do to follow through with your plans and goals. Your determination will give you the energy you need!

Taurus, Third Decanate: Are you single? Rest assured today knowing a love affair is on the horizon and your prince (or princess) charming is going to come sweep you up off your feet in no time! So prepare today for a huge transition in your life before it happens! And if you're worried about finances, you'll deal with what you have and may even make some more in the future. Yep, everything is focusing ahead toward the future today! Also expect to hear from a family member! While you're preparing for the future, prepare for battle in the workplace as, in time, things will get hectic; it's only temporary but it's good to prepare!

Gemini, First Decanate: Dear dear Gemini, you're going to want to just quit and give up on things today! But know that when it comes to romance, the worst is over. Know you need to bury the past, though, to make way for the future or things won't change fast! Anything paper-related is sure to bring stress to you. On the brighter side of things, though, you'll see some sort of omen that promises a change in the future of better things to come!

Gemini, Second Decanate: Today you're on a search for your life purpose or your sense of meaning or belonging. You know your past has been hard, and today you'll be wanting the future to be better. Today you're spirits will be lifted by something spiritual or career-related! You may hear some bad news concerning finances (lower income, new bill, etc.) that will be very upsetting. But know that no matter what things are like now, there is something better ahead. Do all you can do; that's when things will be revealed to you.

Gemini, Third Decanate: Everything is about people, socializing, and looking your best today! You may not like the changes that are going to have to be made starting today, but it will help you get what you want in the long-run. It's normal today that you feel things between you and your lover are slowing down; less time together and less depth. On the brighter side, you'll be very thankful for the creative side of you that comes through today or a new job.

Cancer, First Decanate: Things are changing sudden for you, Cancer, and you're finding love to be taking a lot of your attention and time! You're really all about harmony today! But today you may be wondering what to do in a new romance. Know that things are going to change in a sitaution that you're having with another person; it seems to be putting a lot of pressure on you but you aren't sure how to fix things. But the best thing of the day is a valuable lesson that you will learn.

Cancer, Second Decanate: An old friend will make a re-apperance today and will be willing to jump right in and help you with your problems! Face it: today people find you adorable! Expect compliments even though you may have mixed emotions when it comes to a specific person. Something medical or spiritual-related may arrive in the mail today, as well. But, at the end of the day it's time to really look at things; what you're putting off needs to be dealt with.

Cancer, Third Decanate: You may hear talk of (or experience) health problems or an accident/injury; it could be for you or another. But when things come to relationships, you'll be wondering if they're really worth it whether it be a friendship or romance. It seems to be a constant frustration. But there is also the chance for romance to be big today; it could be a new relationship or at least being charmed once or twice. As for your work, you're feeling at a dead-end; change is coming.

Leo, First Decanate: You'll be very unexpected when it comes to your career or business! Things are definitely coming to fruitation in your career as you can expect an offer of employment, raise, or promotion soon (or today)! You can expect disputes to end, although sadness may lurk around the home because of a family member or lover.

Leo, Second Decanate: You, too, are going to just want to quit or give up! You may feel unappreciated today and these unforeseen problems aren't going to make things any better. I'm not going to lie to you, today is tough. Don't be surprised when someone you aren't interested in makes a pass at you! You may also find some issues concerning your work and/or finances; but you'll find a way to solve them!

Leo, Third Decanate: You're so blessed today! You'll receive the help or support you need or are looking for! But watch out because you're going to get overreactive, overemotional, and overly everything today! Something pet-related may also come up that will cause you anxiety. But you know that soon things will be changing and something new awaits you! If you're expecting a package; you'll get it. There is also good news for you today concerning your career and/or finances!

Virgo, First Decanate: Financially, you'll be feeling more secure as more money seems to be coming your way (or as you're managing expenses better). You may not realize it now, but you're about to enter a period of frustration, sadness, and anger; most of this will stem from things you want to do or overcome but after having a hard time doing so. This may make you panic because you'll be unsure about where you're really going in life. You may feel like things are out of your hands and you can't change it (especially if you're waiting for someone to make a move). But music or books will be extra special to you today and you may even receive (or talk about receiving) some as a gift!

Virgo, Second Decanate: You're so focused on pressure and tension in your life, dear Virgo! Communication may seem off and you're just waiting to explode! You're going to get a disappointment today when it comes to some sort of plan or attempt; but know in the future it'll fix itself! You really need to let go of the past, too! It's stopping you from moving forward. Make that change today before it gets worse. Also, find your inner peace! You won't believe the changes you can see after that happens! At the end of the day, you'll find success in your life!

Virgo, Third Decanate: You're going to be edgy today because you're going to be feeling boxed in; you feel like you can't get out of a situation in your life. Love is hard for you because you can't quite ground it. But someone is going to definitely make you happy today! You'll be sorting out your feelings, as well. But when it comes to work, things will be slow; but you don't really want to work, anyway.

Libra, First Decanate: You're seeing these major changes happening around you; things are moving! You'll be planning things out and putting them into action. If you're planning to meet with a lover today, expect those plans to be canceled; obstacles are sure to get in the way. But someone else would love to be with you today to really make your day and have an enjoyable time! Expect to get or give a gift, as well, if it is owed.

Libra, Second Decanate: You're going to want to help others out today. You want to help motivate them even if it's a little bit different from how you ususally act. Work is going to be a pain but you can take control of it and fix the situation at hand. You may also find things changing around you as you begin to see yourself going in a different direction. This is great because emotional problems, physical handicaps, and even financial distress is coming to an end!

Libra, Third Decanate: Today you want to take things easy around the home and spend time outside; you may even want to travel (or move). But if you're planning to move somewhere or getting a roommate, you'll realize today it isn't a good call right now. Today be prepared for a special interaction with a friend; a call that is sure to be positive! You'll be very blessed today by those that are supporting you. Know that your prayers will be answered soon; you just have to wait for it!

Scorpio, First Decanate: You're fearing your relationship today; worried if you and your lover are going to get together and if it will really amount to anything. But expect a call or visit from this person, anyway! You may still see problems within your family, but the tensions will ease a bit today. Today, the best thing you can do is turn a thought or idea into something! Luck is on your side with this venture!

Scorpio, Second Decanate: This seems to be the trend of the day for a lot of people: feelings like you just want to quit and give up. And sickness seems to be hitting you today; could be a headache, stomach issue, or something more. Okay, okay, and a family issue is also weighing heavily upon your shoulders. Just face it: today sucks. But finances will be getting a boost today or you'll start noticing financial changes!

Scorpio, Third Decanate: You want the truth today; it's as if you're being pulled in two different directions and you aren't quite sure which way to go or what (or whom) to believe. When you try to talk to a relative, perhaps for comfort, you'll feel like they aren't really paying attention to you or your situation. Needless to say, you're going to be feeling like there is just too much stuff to do, work is stressing you out, and you don't have enough time to spend with the one you love. And you know things are only going to be getting tougher. But, by the end of the day, you'll be feeling happier for someone being in your life and helping you out; or perhaps that special person will re-enter the picture.

Sagittarius, First Decanate: You're going to be shocked when plans are changed or when you get a call from a boss. Today is bad when it comes to travel, so try to stay put in one place rather than venturing out; you may also be thinking about a big move or change when it comes to the home. So while you may not be seeing a person you love today, you might want to look around for others that want to take his or her place! At the end of the day, you'll be happy for those that are supporting you right now and praising you for a job well-done.

Sagittarius, Second Decanate: You'll be talking about some changes or ideas that you have, especially concerning business, a new financial opportunity, or a residential move. An uplifting surprise will come to you, as well, when someone offer you a supporting shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold; this person may be a lover or friend, but they're going to try their best to figure out what's wrong and help you out. This is needed because you'er going to be upset that it'll take time for you to see changes that you've been working on making, or you may be upset over a relationship where you think the person is cheating or lying. If you're expecting something in the mail such as a package, it will arrive (today or very soon).

Sagittarius, Third Decanate: While you've been considering a move, you'll have second thoughts. Why? Because things seem to be breaking around the house now and things just don't seem to be in harmony at home. When it comes to others, oh, boy, are they getting on your nerves! Canceling plans, lying, and all sorts of things; just don't get involved with people, if you can because it will only cause you to feel like you're fighting for nothing. But your job is great today! Business and finances really take your top priority today!

Capricorn, First Decanate: You may be given the opportunity to write something today, dear Capricorn! But don't be surprised when an admirer from your past enters the picture; they're sure to go out soon, anyway. You may feel confused about relationships from this, and wonder what to do. So just expect them to leave; don't make this into a bigger deal than it really is! You can also expect to find some money today where it's in the mail or around the home! From everything that happens today, you're really going to want to start something new and take a positive turn in your life!

Capricorn, Second Decanate: So there's a friend that's been bugging you a lot lately in the things they do; today you'll confront them so be sure to tell them what's on your mind and don't hold back! You can also expect to be socializing quite a bit today, forgetting about your problems, and even taking a trip elsewhere! You may even find out something new that you can apply to your life! But sometimes today you may be disappointed that you feel like all of your hard work goes unnoticed.

Capricorn, Third Decanate: Expect some bad news today, especially concerning a friend or loved one. This will cause you to want a lover to come back into your life; you may even feel like you've hit a dead-end with things and are looking for something new to happen before you'll actually pick yourself up and move on. But finances are looking good today, and you may even get a call related to business (it could be long-distance). You may even get some extra cash or some financial assistance!

Aquarius, First Decanate: You're going to feel stuck today in your current situation when it comes to romance; perhaps you feel you can't get out of a relationship, can't move on, or can't find someone. But your life is taking a new turn today relationship to social activities, finances, or your career; it will happen in you least expect it! Keep in mind you'll be able to take time off to rest and relax soon; but, for now, just know you may not be able to fix everything. So by the end of the day, you'll fix what you can, but the rest will just have to wait.

Aquarius, Second Decanate: Success is on your side today when it comes to socializing and finances. You will also resolve arguments today (or soon) when it comes to someone you love; could be someone that is currently out of your life. In time a new beginning will unfold in your life; so soon you can expect new ideas and a new way of life that takes you in a different direction. You'll make it through the day, even though you know something is missing and you have some work to do.

Aquarius, Third Decanate: When dealing with others, you'll be placed in a tight spot. After wiggling around a while, you'll be able to feel a bit more at ease although things won't be completely resolved. You may also be feeling like you need to make a compromise that isn't in your favor; this is sure to bring you some anxiety today. But you may also receive new that you'll get paid or may be doing some sort of self-promotion if you have your own business. By the end of the day, you'll have a good idea of things; it will just take some effort to put things in your favor.

Pisces, First Decanate: You'll find great pleasure today through relationships and even intimacy! You may even get a green flag for something you've been wanting to do for a while! You may feel insulted, though, by how someone around you is acting or you could receive an invitation and you're unsure of your reply. Most people today will make you rather uncomfortable because of confusing situations; just be kind and curteous but keep your distance. The real success of the day comes from your job or a social invitation (that you do accept).

Pisces, Second Decanate: Changes are going to have to be made starting today whether you like it or not. Remember that if something looks like you're losing out, you're actually getting the better hand! You may feel that family members aren't really paying attention to you today when you're trying to talk to them; but, that's okay, because friends today are willing to listen (especially when it comes to you discussing your work). But someone may make you think twice about plans you have made.

Pisces, Third Decanate: Everything is about timing, travel, and romance! Oh, yeah, throw your job in there, too! You have quite a bit on your place today, Pisces! Tense relationships aren't helping you, either; although you can expect someone to help lighten things up for you today! Expect mail or packages to be delayed today, although you may unexpectedly receive a little bit of cash! Your true pleasure today comes from resolving issues in your life, helping others, and getting a gift or two!

Remember that feedback would be appreciated, as well! =D I adore comments! If you would like to purchase a Tarotscope, please click here and scroll down to find out how!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3


  1. These are awesome!!! Thank you, Natasha!

  2. Hey! Thanks, Nathara! =] Hoping to start on more soon!

    Beautiful Blessings,
    Natasha <3


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