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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beautiful Blessings Readings with Natasha

Thank you for reading this! This will give you some information on what to expect during a mini Reading with me on the radio and what I ask of you! =] This should clear up your questions that you have about my Reading technique and about me! To contact me on Facebook please click here and to become a fan of my official fan page for the radio show, please click here! Also, if you are interested in Reading my 200+ client reviews, click here!

Here's the process to getting your free mini Reading:
  1. Call the number 1 (760) 587-4076 when the show starts or up to 15 minutes before. (Don't have a phone and want me to take your request by chat? Scroll down to the bold!) You will be put in line if there are openings. If not, sorry, all the call spaces are filled up! But keep checking back after I finish with a call! You can call using your home phone, cell phone, or even Skype! Please note that long-distance and/or local rates do apply with your phone service. So Skype is a good choice if you don't have long-distance!
  2. You wait. I know, this is a hard process and I may not get to your call, truth be told. I will try to make it through calls quickly so I can get to multiple calls. I take calls in order that they are received so if you call first, you'll be answered first!
  3. Before taking a caller I will say their area code so that they know they are on air. If it's your area code, you're on! An example would be if I say "Caller from area code 440, you're on the air!" and you're from Cleveland and have that area code, you know it's you!
  4. I will ask for your name and question. I may ask for more information on the situation if needed. Giving me a short background story that takes 30 seconds is always good, but please don't tell me a huge story. Remember I may have many callers to get to! (See the etiquette portion below!)
  5. Please respond to the things I say. If something makes sense, let me know! =] If something confuses you, let me know! I'm here to help; remember that! I want to make the Reading interactive, even if it isn't a full Reading. Communication is key!
  6. Once your Reading ends, I'll say thank you for letting me Read for you and we'll say our goodbyes. =] You are free to continue listening to the radio show via the computer/internet!
Remember your caller's etiquette:
  • Have your question ready! This isn't a full Reading; just a mini-Reading that focuses on one question. Sometimes I may answer more than one depending on the question/situation and the amount of time. Each caller and their situation is different. So please be sure you pick out a question that you will be happy with!
  • Be courteous of time, too! Realize I only have so much time on the air before it cuts out! So please keep in mind I may have others waiting for a Reading, too! So try to keep your questions to-the-point and your background story short of about 30-60 seconds maximum. If I need more information to understand what is going on, I'll ask! =]
  • Technical errors happen that are beyond my control. There may come a time when I take a caller and say their area code . . . but nobody responds. Sometimes the person may be talking but there is a technical error. I will write down your area code and if you call back, please know that if I see your number pop up, I will try to take your call next. Please call back immediately, however. If you call back half an hour later because you fell asleep, I may not take your call because others have been waiting. Please understand this. =]
  • If you're talking in the chatbox, remember to be kind and use G-rated language! Keep in mind I may not be viewing the chatbox; I'll try to look at it from time to time.
  • I believe you can listen to the show from your phone (it may be the same for Skype) so if you are and I take your call, please make sure you are away from the computer or have the show muted on your computer so that I don't pick up on us speaking. Trust me, nothing distracts me more! You should be able to hear me through the phone. If not, try headsets so you can hear me! =]
  • Keep the following points in mind, too!
Here are some things to know before getting a Reading:
  • First and foremost, I'm only human. I make mistakes and am not always right. I'm not going to try to make you believe that I know everything, see everything, and am always right; I'm not. Sometimes I may not pick up on someone's situation at all and I want to apologize if this happens. Also remember that I don't know everything so I will ask questions to confirm things so I can get an idea of what I am seeing in the cards.
  • I am a Tarot Reader. Yes, I do have Psychic Abilities but they are still being worked on so I don't exactly consider myself a Psychic yet as far as Psychic Readings go. I have a very strong intuition which is what I use in my Readings. If you are interested in knowing what Psychic Abilities I have and am working on, I have Empathy, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience. These may come through in the Reading!
  • This particular show doesn't specialize in anything (Special Topics may come up eventually) so feel free to ask about love, finances, career, friendships, and more!
I do not do Readings on:
  • Health (If something shows up as a warning, I will let you know!)
  • Death
  • Legal Matters (Depends on the question, honestly.)
  • Illegal Things
  • Pregnancy (I do Readings on Fertility but will not tell you if you are pregnant or not nor on matters of the baby's health.)
  • Contacting the Other Side (Mediumship, basically.)
Do I accept requests through chat? Yes but only if the phone lines are empty. That will be the only time that I will accept Reading requests by chat and they may not be as interactive since I can't wait for you to type out a response. So I ask that those be quick questions! =]

Can you call in through the phone to listen but NOT get a Reading? Yes! I'm not 100% sure exactly how it works or the wording, but when you call in, it'll ask you to press 1 for something. If you press 1 then it'll let me know that you have something to say. So just don't press 1 and follow other instructions if they are given.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I do hope that I hear you call in so that I can answer your question! If you are interested in a private, full Reading, please contact me on my personal Facebook account and be sure to listen to the radio show for limited-time offers on Readings such as discounts or freebies!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

P.S. Want to let me know you're attending? Click here and/or here!

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