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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Radio Show? Yes or No?

How exciting would it be to be on the radio giving away free intuitive mini Tarot Readings? Well, that's what I'm thinking about tonight! Should I go through with it?

I've been listening to radio shows lately that feature Psychics, Astrologers, and Tarot Readers. I've been listening to them both on the radio and online. I discovered the site BlogTalkRadio that allows you to create a radio show! There is a basic free package available with paid premium packages, as well. It made me want to have my own radio show!

If you know me, you know I hate my own voice and am terrified of Reading over the phone. But I think it's time that I overcome this. I thought it would be wonderful to do a one-hour radio show where I offer free mini-Readings (one question) to those that call in (and when I run out of callers I will answer chat-submitted questions).

However, if I do this, I will want to purchase a premium package so that I and others can use Skype to call in and so that I can extend the show if needed. This is about $40 a month so I also want to make sure I'm not wasting money.

So here are my two questions:

  1. If I have a radio show and offer free mini-Readings on it, will you call in and/or participate in the chatbox during the show (such as submitting a question there when I don't have callers)?
  2. Will getting a mini-Reading with me or listening to the show perhaps persuade you to purchase a full Reading?
Feel free to answer them as a comment (you can submit the comment anonymously), send it to me on Facebook, or vote in the poll above. No matter what, I would love it if you would vote in the poll above, anyway. =]

I ask about whether or not it will persuade or influence you to purchase a Reading because I'm hoping that by others hearing me speak and give Readings, they will become interested and will trust me and decide to purchase a Reading of their own. If I can get at least $40 a month then it will be worth it; if not, then I will have to close stop with premium which will be a basic show which has a limit on when I can host and for how long. (Premium gives you more time for shows as well as the ability to host whenever. The Free package only allows you up to one hour per session and you can't have it within a certain period of time.)

If this is a hit I may make the session longer than an hour and/or add a special show each week or every so often that focuses on a specific topic such as love, past lives, dreams, or anything else! =]

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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