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The Tarotscopes are on hiatus as of August 8th. They will resume, although not daily, on August 13th. Every Friday you can expect a Tarotscope that will cover Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (I will pull 4 cards for this). Every Monday you'll receive a beginning of he week forecast for Monday and Tuesday (I will pull 3 cards for this) and on Wednesday you'll receive another for a mid-week forecast for Wednesday and Thursday (I will pull 3 cards for this, as well). I just wanted to alert everyone of these changes. But personal, daily Readings are still available!

Starting August 1st, 2010 I will be showing daily Tartoscopes on my blog! These Tarotscopes will focus now only on the 12 signs, but also the 36 decans! Each sign has 3 decans. In the daily Tarotscopes you will not find the card names (because I will be using so many cards to look at various areas that it would take forever to list them), but rather a nice, short report on what the expect. Not sure what you are? Check below!

Aries, First Decanate: March 21 - March 31
Aries, Second Decanate: April 1 - April 10
Aries, Third Decanate: April 11 - April 20
Taurus, First Decanate: April 21 - April 30
Taurus, Second Decanate: May 1 - May 10
Taurus, Third Decanate: May 11 - May 20
Gemini, First Decanate: May 21 - May 31
Gemini, Second Decanate: June 1 - June 11
Gemini, Third Decanate: June 12 - June 21
Cancer, First Decanate: June 22 - July 2
Cancer, Second Decanate: July 3 - July 12
Cancer, Third Decanate: July 13 - July 22
Leo, First Decanate: July 23 - August 2
Leo, Second Decanate: August 3 - August 13
Leo, Third Decanate: August 14 - August 23
Virgo, First Decanate: August 24 - September 3
Virgo, Second Decanate: September 3 - September 13
Virgo, Third Decanate: September 14 - September 23
Libra, First Decanate: September 24 - October 3
Libra, Second Decanate: October 4 - October 13
Libra, Third Decanate: October 14 - Ocober 23
Scorpio, First Decanate: October 24 - November 2
Scorpio, Second Decanate: November 3 - November 12
Scorpio, Third Decanate: November 13 - November 22
Sagittarius, First Decanate: November 23 - December 1
Sagittarius, Second Decanate: December 2 - December 11
Sagittarius, Third Decanate: December 12 - December 21
Capricorn, First Decanate: December 22 - December 31
Capricorn, Second Decanate: January 1 - January 10
Capricorn, Third Decanate: January 11 - January 20
Aquarius, First Decanate: January 21 - January 30
Aquarius, Second Decanate: January 31 - February 9
Aquarius, Third Decanate: February 10 - February 19
Pisces, First Decanate: February 20 - March 1
Pisces, Second Decanate: March 2 - March 10
Pisces, Third Decanate: March 11 - March 20

Expect to see the Tarotscopes out sometime the night before (Eastern Standard Time)! If you would like a personalized Tarotscope, click here and scroll down for more information! Enjoy!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

P.S. I realize most Horoscopes start their week off with Monday and end it with Sunday. For me, that would drive me crazy. Hence my Sunday to Saturday week. =]

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