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Special Limited Time 2011 Prediction Readings

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

T.A.R.O.T. = The Advantageous Realm Of Tarot

I have a new blog all about Tarot! It features my Daily Tarot Readings, information on Tarot, Tarot news, stories relating to Tarot, and more! It's 100% Tarot . . . 100% of the time! This blog will still be up and running, though! Some posts may be duplicates if I feel it's good for both blogs. I may also come out with another blog soon just relating to life. I have a lot of stuff going on and it'd be nice to blog it just to talk about it . . . even if nobody is listening. Haha!

Anyway, enjoy! I already have two posts up there now so please go check it out! Click here to enter The Advantageous Realm Of Tarot!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Book of Shadows: Earth Walking

Gotta love Autumn!
Now, I'm not one to go out and bond with nature because, quite frankly, I don't get along well with insects and wind. But I went out anyway to experience some Earth Walking! Now sure what this is and want to try it for yourself? Get some basic instructions here!

My backyard.
To begin my Earth Walking journey, I took a moment to relax and calm my mind and body. I put on my shoes and a light jacket and grabbed my camera to take some pictures for ya'll! After making my way outside, I began snapping photos and taking in the Energy from the ground.

Gorgeous clouds.
Now the first thing I noticed is that I felt very grounded and centered which is how you're supposed to feel during this exercise! Slowly, I walked around the yard, paying attention to the different Energies I was getting. Sometimes I would feel a stronger Energy while other times it was weaker. I assumed this depended upon whether or not I was near trees and the like.
Cows next door.
Apart from the crunchy leaves beneath my feet . . . and the ground feeling like it was sinking in . . . I found myself to be fairly content with how I was feeling outside. It was very inviting despite the chilly weather. It was nice to have quiet time; literally. I was about to look around me, view nature, view my surroundings, look at the clouds, the cows, the trees, the neighbor's cat that randomly took a trip in our yard, and everything else.

Yes, even the black cow has a brown baby.
To be honest, I felt so cool and calm that I wasn't even thinking about all the problems in my life. All those issues that were on my mind seemed to go away. Perhaps it was the nice country air; a hint of rain, cow poo, and grass. Perhaps it was connecting with nature and feeling its Energy.

Nice picture of my backyard.
At one point I took a minute to stand still. I felt very shaky and "charged" I supposed you could say. I'm not sure if it was from the Energy I was picking up on . . . or the chilly weather! But it was a very neat experience! I do feel both had to do with the shaky and chilling feeling I was getting.

Neighbor's barn cat in our yard.
I highly recommend to those of you that want to get away from your problems for a couple minutes to try this. It's relaxing and even more fun if you take your camera out with you! For me, it really taught me that, first of all, I really can enjoy nature. Maybe nature doesn't completely hate me. What can nature teach you?

Beautiful, no?
Another thing this taught me is that there is so much more Energy around me. Yeah, I guess this is something I knew . . . but I really had to experience it. Nature is such a natural Energy-maker! Just by walking on the ground I could feel it! It was as if I were absorbing the Energy through my feet; like my feet were breathing it in. It was very neat! Very cool!

You can see our field in the back.
Now, you may wonder what exactly this Energy did once it entered my body. Well, I get all tingly and just felt more awake and full of life! It's like nature's own Energy drink! Haha! But, really, it is such a powering sensation. One must truly experience it to understand!

Gorgeous clouds!

Overall, I enjoyed it. Another thing that Earth Walking taught me is that it's okay to take some "me time" or "alone time" if even for a few minutes to just let things go. It's healthy. There is no need to spend every waking minute worrying about things. Sometimes letting it go for a few minutes will actually help you solve the problems that are in your life and taking up your time!

As close to perfect as possible.
I didn't feel I had excess Energy, though. So I didn't have to put it back into the Earth. Instead, I kept the Energy I was given as if felt like a good, healthy amount. As instructed, I wiped my hands to get rid of any little bits of Energy. It was a nice way to end the Earth Walking Exercise. It was a truly wonderful experience!

See the moon in the center?
Although I spent a short amount of time outside, I took 19 pictures and had some great experiences. I got to take pictures of trees, clouds (and try to see what I could see in the clouds), a cat, the cows, and anything else that got in the picture! It was very enjoyable on all levels. Although the cold I could do without!

A wonderful picture! Moon is there!
I had such an enjoyable time that after I was done with the Earth Walking activity I actually went outside with my dog and sat on the stoop with binoculars. I watched at least half a dozen planes go by in a short period of time. I live about 90 minute from a major airport and about 30-45 from a smaller, but still well-used, one.

A plane!
It was fun to try to see if I could tell which airliners the planes were from. I couldn't, sadly. It was fun, though, to view the various heights of the planes. Some were very high up . . . while others were quite low. Although I don't exactly consider this part of my Earth Walking Exercise, I think of it as my time to calm down from such an Energy rush, you could say. Haha!

Instead of a cow jumping over the moon, a plane is flying over it!
While I don't have any pictures of this post-Exercise activity . . . I have plenty of others I took during my Earth Walking tour! There are even a few of planes. It truly is amazing to know how fast these planes can go! To hear the engines roar after they're already far away is even cooler!

Some more trees of ours.
I plan on doing this at least once a week until it gets too chilly outside . . . then I may pull back a bit! And hopefully when it gets warmer I can do this more often! I won't be taking pictures, most likely, on every trip . . . but, nevertheless, it will still be fun! It was a very enjoyable experience and I hope to receive more of the Energy and get used to it.

Gotta love these beautiful days!
By speaking of the planes I remembered something I wrote about in the "how-to" post for Earth Walking about there being Energy from the air. Perhaps on one of my next journeys I can try this. Hmm . . . or maybe I should wait until I get more used to the Earth Energy as what is above is much more powerful. What do you think?

Another cute tree!
To sum up this whole post . . . Earth Walking is calming but not exactly life-changing. Trying it won't suddenly make everything in your life better. But what it will do is put you in a more calm state so that you can more clearly see the problems clearly and figure out ways to improve your life and the situations in it. Naturally, this will take time and possibly other methods. For example, by casting a Spell you call upon the Earth's Energy. This is one way to help you. If you try this repeatedly, Meditation will be made easier!

Another airplane.
Speaking of Meditation, I was supposed to find a spot to do so! I feel anywhere in my yard is suitable! Try Earth Walking and let me know how it goes! Post your experiences here or contact me on Facebook and let me know! Where would your Meditation area be?

I look forward to posting more of these Exercises to share with you and I look forward to posting my own experiences, as well! Be sure to vote in my polls on my blog (they change often) and do other fun things I have around my blog. I have many articles to read and fun things to try! Private Readings are also available! Have a wonderful weekend!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Earth Walking

Many Witches enjoy spending time with Nature. Now, to be honest, I'm not a Nature-freak; I hate insects flying around me, and the wind blowing my hair around (so the 10 minutes I spent brushing it out was worthless within 10 seconds of walking out the door), and . . . Nature seems to dislike me. But this next Exercise will help us calm ourselves and get in touch with Nature. Why get in touch with Nature? According to Christopher Penczak: "This exercise expands your experience beyond the realm of personal energy and into the feelings of Earth energy." Remember, to get all the information you need, be sure to check out his book The Inner Temple of Witchcraft which explains all of this. I'll just glaze over some of the basics.

Basically . . . go out with Nature. Walk around in your yard or at a park. Take a walk in the woods or on the beach! You don't need to do this barefoot, but it will only add to the experience if you do! In time, you'll be able to feel the Energy through your shoes. You'll want to walk very slowly; feel the Earth's Energy under your feet. But make sure you are still aware of your own, personal Energy. In a previous Exercise I mentioned to think of yourself exhaling from your palms to have Energy come out; this time inhale through your feet to absorb the Earth's Energy!

As you breathe in the Earth's Energy, remember that this is the Life Force. This wonderful Energy will ground and center you; you may get a boost in your alert-level and may want to run a mile as well as you will feel healthier and happy as you take in this Energy. Just breathe normally while you do this; don't worry about doing anything while you exhale.

This is something you can do time and time again and should do. Look for a nice place to meditate at, as well, which you can use at a later time. This is something great to do in the morning as it will, as I like to say, "charge" you up for the day ahead. If you feel like you have too much Energy, get on your knees and place yoru palms on the ground and allow the excess Energy to flow out of your palms (and even your head). Christopher Penczak suggests telling the Earth to use this Energy to heal itself.

After some time of Earth Walking, try to take in some of the Sky Energy from your head! But the Sky Energy is quite stronger so you may feel a bit lightheaded; think of it as Earth Energy to the extreme. But, for now, just focus on the Earth Energy. Let me know of your personal experiences and I hope to share mine with you later with some pictures!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

Book of Shadows: Ball of Energy

So now it's time to take a few minutes to play around with Energy and create a ball. To get some basic step-by-step instructions on how to do this for yourself, click here! First I am going to take a minute to relax my mind and get comfortable as I sit down. Oh, yeah, I'm unbuttoning my pants too because this particular pair of jeans kills me!

Now, remember for this Exercise that it will be quite short but I should be able to visualize Energy by creating a ball. Then I can play around with it and form it into whatever I would like! So I am going to visualize a ball of Energy being created between my hands by holding them six inches apart. I'll imagine this filling up more and more with my Energy as I exhale. I will then try playing with it by making it larger or smaller. Once I am done I will imagine my hands absorbing the Energy and will wipe them to remove excess Energy. Afterward, I'll post my findings below!

I noticed as I concentrated on filling this ball with my Energy that my Clairaudience opened up more briefly. It was fun to shrink the ball and enlarge it. I even trying pulling on it like taffy. It moved with me, however I wanted it to.

This is a very short post and there aren't any pictures to share. But hopefully we can get some more exciting Exercises to do soon!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

Monday, October 11, 2010

Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Ball of Energy

Once you're able to feel the Energy from your body, you may wonder "Oh, that's nice and all, Natasha . . . but what the hell am I to do with it?" While there is so much to do with your Energy . . . it's best to take baby steps and start small so you can control and direct your Energy. Once again, I highly recommend purchasing the book that I am reading from--The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Panczak--because it offers so much information (more than I can tell you) and really works with you to develop your Psychic Abilities and begin working with Witchcraft. This is definitely one of the best books I have ever read; this man definitely knows his stuff!

So what you're going to want to do is start out like you did at the beginning of our previous Exercise on Feeling Energy. I recommend taking a moment to relax and calm yourself; it takes a minute and won't hurt to try. Then, you'll want to follow these steps:
  1. Put your hands 6 inches apart, palms facing each other. Imagine that you are holding a ball of Energy. Think of it like a ball of nothing . . . but you're filling it with your own Energy from your hands.
  2. Every time you breathe out, imagine it being Energy coming out of your palms as well as your mouth. Each time the ball fills with more and more Energy. Can you feel it fill up with your Energy? Act as if the Energy changes; make the ball of Energy get thicker and more solid.
  3. When you feel the ball of Energy between your hands is "solid" just have a ball (no pun intended) and play with it! Shrink it in size or make it bigger! Pretend to stretch it out or morph it into a shape. The Energy will respond to what you want.
  4. When you're done, bring your hands together and pretend you're a sponge absorbing the Energy. As we finished up last time, wipe your hands together to remove the excess Energy.
 You may think you're just playing pretend but this is how Energy responds to our thoughts. If you think it, it'll happen!  In time, you'll be able to pull the Energy from all around you instead of using just your own. Some time down the road you can even give the ball of Energy an intent or purpose by "charging" it to do something such as heal or you can give it to someone or some place. But that's later on down the road! You can even try this out with friends to see if you can feel his or her Energy and how your Energies interact together!

I'll be posting my personal experience with this, soon! =]

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

"Seven of Pentacles" Reading Subscriptions

Many people like to check in monthly to see how things are progressing in their lives and for some spiritual guidance. The big issue with this, though, is that, financially, it can weigh someone down. So I decided to develop some Reading Subscriptions. Each Subscription is unique; don't see one that suits your need . . . just ask! Each Reading Subscription is named after a Tarot Card. Each Subscription is then broken down into 5 tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Subscriptions are likely to be limited to just a few clients per month in the future if many people order them. They not only offer a set of Readings per month, but also discounts and other goodies.

"Seven of Pentacles" Reading Subscriptions
The Seven of Pentacles is all about looking at situations and waiting on progress to continue. It's basically the period where you plant the seeds and wait for the harvest . . . but it will still take some time. Sevens indicate some unexpected situations, time to look at things, and even some positive changes beginning to happen. Pentacles are often seen as the suit of Finances. On another level, though, they are seen as a time where situations are taking shape. The Seven of Pentacles knows you want to make progress and get shit done, to be frank; so it's going to help you get what you want. This Reading Subscription is aimed at providing you with an outlook on the month and a set of Readings for the month. Let's take a look at each of the 5 tiers:

It offers the following to you on a monthly basis:
  • A 15-minute Live IM Reading OR a 2-question e-mail Reading.
  • Monthly Personalized Tarotscope
  • 10% off Additional Readings
All of this alone is a value of $25. Plus, you will receive 10% off any additional Readings you decide to purchase during the month! This is available for $25 a month!

It offers the following to you on a monthly basis:
  • A 15-minute Live IM Reading
  • 2-Question E-mail Reading
  • 1 Yes/No Reading
  • 1 "When" Reading
  • Monthly Personalized Tarotscope
  • 20% off Additional Readings
All of this alone is a value of $50. Plus, you will receive 20% off any additional Readings you decide to purchase during the month! This is available for $50 a month!

It offers the following to you on a monthly basis:
  • A 15-minute Live IM Reading
  • 3-Question E-mail Reading
  • 3 Yes/No Readings
  • 1 "When" Reading
  • 1 Monthly Outlook
  • Monthly Personalized Tarotscope
  • 30% off Additional Readings
All of this alone is a value of $75. Plus, you will receive 30% off any additional Readings you decide to purchase during the month! This is available for $75 a month!

It offers the following to you on a monthly basis:
  • A 30-minute Live IM Reading
  • 3-Question E-mail Reading
  • 6 Yes/No and/or "When" Readings
  • 1 Monthly Outlooks
  • Monthly Personalized Tarotscope
  • 40% off Additional Readings
All of this alone is a value of $100. Plus, you will receive 40% off any additional Readings you decide to purchase during the month! This is available for $100 a month!

It offers the following to you on a monthly basis:
  • A 30-minute Live IM Reading
  • 3-Question E-mail Reading
  • 8 Yes/No and/or "When" Readings
  • 3 Monthly Outlooks
  • Monthly Personalized Tarotscope
  • 50% off Additional Readings
All of this alone is a value of $125. Plus, you will receive 50% off any additional Readings you decide to purchase during the month! This is available for $125 a month!

Information on Contents:
  • Live IM Reading - You are given this many minutes per month to use in a live IM session with me through Facebook IM, Skype, MSN, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger.
  • E-mail Reading - You are given this many questions to ask through e-mail per month where you will receive a detailed, insightful, and in-depth e-mail Reading on each question.
  • Yes/No Reading - You can use this many Yes/No Readings per month.
  • "When" Reading - You can use this many "When" Readings per month.
  • Monthly Outlook - You can choose an outlook on any situation, relationship or area of your life such as love, career, finances, and more! Pick as many as your subscription calls for!
  • Monthly Personalized Tarotscope - A Personalized Tarotscope is sent to your e-mail (or Facebook) before the coming month begins. I use 6 cards in the Tarotscopes to help give you a nice outlook on the month to come!
  • Additional Reading Discounts - Sometimes you may need more Readings than you Subscription provides. So each tier is given a discount which you can use to purchase more Readings, if necessary. To receive this discount, please e-mail me or contact me on Facebook instead of directly buying from my blog.

Subscriptions are not only available monthly, but you can also purchase them yearly for a discount (12 months for the price of 10 months). The contents of your Subscription will be distributed monthly to you.

Which tier would you like?

Got a Question? Contact me on Facebook!

Please note that the e-mail, yes/no, "when" and live sessions can be spread out throughout the month. So you can choose to have 10 minutes of your 30-minute live session on the 1st of the month, a yes/no Reading on the 3rd, 1 question through e-mail on the 5th, etc. If you need more Readings for that month, you'll receive a discount ranging from 10 to 50 percent off the price. Readings do not roll over from month to month so if you do not use up all your live IM time, you cannot use it another month.

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

Book of Shadows: Feeling Energy

This post is of my personal experiences with feeling Energy. To get basic instructions on how to do this, click here where you will be taken to another post of mine. This will be a fairly short post because it isn't something hard for me to do and it's pretty quick. I don't have any pictures to post of me doing this (as it would be a bit difficult to do so while taking a picture).

First what I am going to do is simply relax and breathe for a few moments to lower my vibrational frequency a bit so I open up more to energy. Now I will hold my hands 3 feet apart, as instructed, and will pick up on information. Then I will move my hands closer together and see what else I pick up on. Afterward, I will wipe my hands together to remove excess Energy. I will then record what I picked up on and felt.

While my hands were 3 feet apart I felt the energy very strongly; the first thought that popped into my head was "strength" and then "will" came along. Slowly, I moved my hands closer together. I felt a shift in Energy when they were about 2 feet apart. So I pulled back and moved them closer again to make sure I was feeling a definite change in Energy and I was. There was another change in the Energy around 8 inches away; once again, I moved my hands back and forth to experience this change. The last thing I noticed was when they were very close (under about 2 inches apart) I noticed that if I let them just stay there without forcing them together, it was as if they pushed themselves away a little. It was very neat!

I would definitely have to say that I easily sense Energy, but it is different for different people. Maybe my Energy is just stronger; I'm not sure. But these are just a few little things I picked up on and the different changes that I noticed. I felt different levels to my Aura. Later on I'll get into Reading my Aura more and will work more with it.

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Feeling Energy

Often people ask me "How do you feel Energy?" There are several different types of Energy. In Christopher Penczak's book "The Inner Temple of Witchcraft" he speaks for 4 main types (as far as Metaphysics is concerned):
  1. Personal
  2. Earth
  3. Sky
  4. Divine
I can't go much more into detail about what each of them is, but with a little research I'm sure you can figure it out! I highly recommend purchasing this wonderful book, though, as it offers much information and many Exercises to try out!

So, you're curious on how to feel Energy. Now you have to remember when we use the word "feel" here we aren't meaning something you can feel like when you touch a table. Instead it may come to you as a tingly feeling or just a strong "sense" that the Energy is there. I present an Exercise to you today to help you feel this Spiritual Energy. Once again, I recommend purchasing this book so you get more information that I can offer in this post. To know what to look for, you may feel a change in temperature (slightly, of course), a tingly sensation, a magnetic push or pull (slightly), pressure, texture, or even a pins-and-needles feeling.

You may ask "Natasha, why do I have to care about feeling Energy?" Well, my personal response to this is that if you want to practice Witchcraft or enhance your Psychic Abilities . . . this is necessary. As Christiopher Penczak says: "Once you feel it, you will be able to manipulate this energy through your will and intent. This is a fundamental building block for magick and psychic development."

So how do you "feel" this Energy? Well here are three easy steps:
  1. Hold out your hands and keep them about 3 feet apart, palms facing each other. What information do you receive from your hands? Don't try to create the information but rather accept it. You may close your eyes if you wish.
  2. Slowly, move your hands closer together and feel the sensation that happens. What changes? Do you feel things in waves or layers? If so, this is your Aura (your Energy Body). You may rub your hands together a bit to make them more sensitive before trying this as rubbing them together increases your hands' sensitivity.
  3. Once you have finished, wipe your hands together (like you would if you were getting excess water off). This will remove any other Energies you might have picked up. It's a good idea to do this wiping motion after every exercise that involves working with Energy (a helluva lot).
I hope you will share your experiences with me through a comment or your own blog post! You can even message me on Facebook to share! I will be posting my personal experience with this Exercise later! Enjoy!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

Book of Shadows: Intention Ritual

My pre-Ritual set up.
I took 9 pictures to share with all of you of the Intention Ritual that I did tonight at 10:10 PM on 10/10/10. The date, time, day of the week, and moon phase all helped give a boost to this Intention Ritual. If you are interested in learning more about the Intention Ritual or doing one, please click here.

There's my gnome, Sir Hedgewick Alejandro van der Gnome!
First, I got my area all nice and set up. I opted out of incense as the white candle I used was scented and I didn't want two different scents. I put out my angels, saints, rosaries and other holy items. I even put out my gnome . . . Sir Hedgewick Alejandro van der Gnome! I set up everything on my vanity after I cleared it off.

The angel with my nameplate I received when I was young.
Next . . . I waited. It took forever but I waited until it was 10:10 PM. I took a deep breath and began writing. I felt deeply connected to the place . . . the time . . . what was going on . . . what I was doing. It felt right. It felt like me. It felt familiar . . . as if I had done it before in a past life. At that moment I wondered if I had been a Witch in a past life. I have always been curious of this . . . but tonight it felt very familiar. Reflecting back on it . . . I now feel very certain that I was a Witch in at least one past life . . . but possibly many.

My paper, pen, and thread.
Then it was time to hold the candle and focus on Spirituality, God, and, I tried to "charge" the candle with my "energy" and, yes, intent. It got to the point where it almost seemed as if I were melting the candle. But as I sat there, eyes closed, I could feel my head spin. I knew what was happening. That familiarity came back. I am confident now in saying that, yes, this has happened before in another life. At that moment I was connecting with myself . . . my soul. My Spirit . . . my Higher Self . . . was coming together. My Clairaudience began to open up more as I held the candle and focused. I could hear voices; couldn't make out exactly what was being said but I definitely felt a male was speaking to me, trying to get something across. There was at least one other voice that was quiet . . . possibly a girl . . . could have been a young girl. The male seemed to repeat something a few times. But it all felt right; it felt as if he could have been telling me that I was coming back to where I have been in past lives. I don't know for sure what he was saying . . . but that's the feeling I received. The energy was so strong that my head spun.

One of my intentions for coming to Witchcraft is to open my Psychic Abilities up more. Yes, I believe it is happening and I am excited to explore them further. I felt a wonderful presence of love and guidance. Hopefully these feelings will continue.

One last picture before the Intention Ritual began.
Next, I put the candle in my candle holder. I lit it and then began to focus on my intent, the past of Witchcraft, its history, what I hope to do with it in the future, what I hope to learn, and so on. It was calming and, yes, I felt at home and at peace. I felt various emotions, though, when thinking over the past history of it and all the lives that were lost because many thought Witches were doing the Devil's work. I felt like I had been accused of doing so. But by thinking about the present and the future, it made me feel so much better . . . free . . . light . . . happy. It felt right and it felt like me.

The letter I wrote.
Repeatedly in this entry I have said "it felt like me" or "it feels like me" because it does. It's familiar. By pure chance I happened to do this today. I didn't plan for it to be done on 10/10/10 . . . nor a Sunday . . . nor during a waxing moon. Yes, nighttime was my choice. After a friend pointed out it was 10/10/10 I threw in the 10:10 PM time to match. But it almost was as if fate led me here for a reason (which I believe everything happens for a reason) and that it is a very important reason. It is just meant to be!

When I lit the candle.
Once I was finished focusing and putting out the energy (as I felt I was doing), I had to tie up the scroll. Let me just tell you . . . when you have nails, trying to tie a thread in a bow is impossible. It took me two tries with a piece of tape to get it to stay. But all is done! Yay!

When the Intention Ritual was completed and the scroll was wrapped up, I blew out the candle. Some wax ran down the edge of the candle and the glass. I'll have to clean that off later, I suppose. I put the scroll away in my vanity to keep it for later when it is needed.

What a gorgeous flame!
For those of you that wonder what this meant to me on a religious level, remember that I am Catholic and incorporate Christianity into my Magick. To me, this Ritual was like saying a really deep prayer. It was like dedicating myself to God and the Universe. I was confirmed when I was in 8th grade and I took on the name Elizabeth. At that time, confirmation meant this to me; it was dedicating myself to growing religiously. For me, now, this Intention Ritual was another step religiously to get closer to God, the Archangels, Angels, and Spirits . . . but also to get closer to my Spirituality. So I hope this makes some more sense to those of you that didn't see the point in this Ritual. Some Witches even take on a magickal name although I will wait until later to do so. I already have an idea of what I would like . . . but I will wait until later after I have time to focus and think about things (as I may change my mind). Remember that I do not practice Witchcraft as a Religious but rather as a way of life; I incorporate my religious beliefs into Witchcraft, though.

The end result. The flame is still there if you look closely but it was almost as if it knew it was over and time to dwindle!
I hope that this is the start of something new; something great. I know it will be. I look forward to doing more Rituals and exercises in the future. I hope to share them with you, too, so that you, too, can do them and can read my experiences, as well. I thank you for joining me along this Spiritual Path!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Intention Ritual

You are most likely viewing this post because you saw the word "Ritual" and it sparked an interest. And, yes, there is a Ritual within this post. Let me first start off by saying that I have been interested in practicing Witchcraft for years and have been doing so for a short while. However, I would call my practice sloppy and unorganized. So I'm deciding to put it all together and start anew. I recently bought the book "The Inner Temple of Witchcraft" by Christopher Penczak and I have found it to be a wonderful book! I am hoping that this will help me organize my Craft more and pull it all together, filling in gaps and tying things together.

I am deciding to post some of these exercises on my blog so that you can follow my progress and even try it out for yourself! I don't want to say that this is my Book of Shadows--as my Book of Shadows is in a notebook next to my bed--but that it is rather a little peak at it. I'll be writing some of this post (and probably a bit more) into my Book of Shadows after the Ritual is completed. I highly recommend purchasing this book and joining me in this spiritual journey. It offers an abundance of information that I can't possibly post here. It's written slightly with a Wiccan slant although the author does say it is important for the individual to choose what they practice whether it's Wicca, Paganism, or something else! There are all various types of Witchcraft. I found this wonderful as I'm not Wiccan and just about every other book on the shelf was written in a "this is the Wiccan way so follow it" type of attitude (and, trust me, I took a look at just about every book there). For those of you wondering, I consider myself a Solitary Eclectic Christian Witch. This is something very complicated to explain so I'll save it for another post down the line. But, to make it short, I'll break it apart as such:
  • Solitary - I practice alone; I don't belong to a coven.
  • Eclectic - I don't practice just Wiccan, Pagan, Alexandrian, Celtic or any other type of Witchcraft; I take what I want from one branch of Witchcraft and throw away what I don't want.
  • Christian - I'm a Christian (have been a Catholic since I was a baby) and do believe in Father God, Mother Mary, Jesus, archangels, angels, saints, and so on; I incorporate these beliefs in with some Pagan beliefs and use it in my Craft.
  • Witch - I practice Witchcraft as a way of life, not a Religion; there is a difference.

Like I said, I'm not going to get into this too much because it would take a book to explain it. But, to make it short, I practice Witchcraft as a way of life instead of as a Religion. A lot of people use Wicca and Witchcraft to mean the same thing but they are different. Wicca is a religion; Witchcraft is not. I use Witchcraft to connect me with God and any other Higher Beings of the Universe. I pray but also cast spells. To me they are just about one in the same. The difference is that in a spell, you use symbols to help manifest that which you want. For example, colors, moon phases, and objects help symbolize different things. What makes spells--and even prayer--work is energy. If you put your energy and want into a spell, it will make its way to the Universe and will stick out with a big "hey, this person really needs some help" note! A lot of people aimlessly pray the rosary, not understanding why their prayers aren't being answered but the same thing goes; if you aren't putting your heart and soul into it, God may not see your prayer. I would love to think that God has time to answer every prayer, but I just can't see that being so; I imagine God is a very busy person! So without trying to explain that and taking an hour doing so, let me ask you something!

Why are you interested in Witchcraft? For me it's to be able to achieve goals/dreams if it's meant to be; to put my energy out there; to work with God, the saints, the angels, and the archangels; to communicate more with my Spirit Guides; to be close to the Divine and nature.

If this is something that you are interested in--whether for the same or different reasons--then I highly recommend researching Witchcraft. Look up the different types of Witchcraft. Do you want to practice it as a religion or a way of life? Does Celtic Witchcraft interest you? What about Alexandrian? Wicca or Paganism? Or do you want to be Eclectic? Do you want an emphasis on Ceremonial Magick? Or maybe Druidism is your thing! Do your research to know what feels right for you. Just because almost all the books out there and sites are focused on Paganism (more particularly Wicca) doesn't mean it's right for you. For example, you'll find barely anything out there on Christian Witchcraft. But keep looking and piece together what you'd like. Do you want to be part of a coven or do you want to be solitary? Before doing anything, you need to figure this out!

Still interested? Great! Now do some research on Witchcraft. How was it treated in the past? Is it still outlawed in some countries today? Where do you think it will go in the future? One reason I highly suggest this book is because it gives you a brief history and such! If you feel you're ready, then you can perform this Intention Ritual. Since the author is Wiccan, he uses the "one year and a day" method of studying for one year and using the last day to reflect on the past year and then be initiated. Personally, I don't feel a year and a day is necessary but rather dedication, knowledge, and experience. By practicing and being educated in your Craft (whatever it may be), you'll know whether or not you're ready to move on whether it's 3 months or 3 years. If a year and a day feels right to you, go for it! It's all about what you are comfortable with!

Now the first step is an Intention Ritual. This shows your intentions for taking a path involving Witchcraft for whatever reason. I feel it is important for each person to define what exactly it means to them. To me, this Intention Ritual shows my commitment to practicing the Craft, learning and growing Spiritually, my intent to connect with the Divine, and my desire to grow as a person. For example, way back when . . . witches were seen a spiritual people, the Wise Ones, healers, and so forth; I hope to revive that!

Next, it's time to get your materials together. This is what you'll need:
  • A blank sheet of paper.
  • A black thread or string.
  • A black pen.
  • A new white candle.
  • A lighter or match to light the candle.
  • Peace and quiet.
  • Yourself is also a nice touch.
If you would like to use incense or set out any other special items like statues, stones, crystals, or anything else, you may do so. Now, the book doesn't go into detail about when to do this ritual or what the colors mean. But this is what I feel they all mean:
  • The black thread and pen, to me, symbolize making something permanent.
  • The white candle is for spiritually and pure intentions as well as beginnings. Because it's new, it also implies new beginnings and even a "rebirth" you could say; the newness of it will also make sure the energies of the candle are new and that it hasn't been used for other intentions. 
Now, you can do this, I assume, at any time of the day, any day of the week, and under any moon phase. However, today just so happens to be very special and, I assure you, I didn't plan to make this happen on such a day! It may be coincidence . . . or it may be fate! You can do it whenever you'd like, but this is what the time will be like for me when I do this Ritual:
  • 10/10/10 - Apparently this is a great time for beginnings, for things to become known, for spiritual journeying, and for fate to take over.
  • Sunday - This is a great day for new things, self-improvement, and Spirituality.
  • Waxing Moon - A good time for new things, growth, Spirituality, and change.
  • Night - I'll be performing this at night (once it's dark out) which is supposedly a good time for Rituals and Spell-Casting.
  • 10:10 PM - For the above reason of being nighttime and under the 10 theme.
So, you ask, what's the next step? Well, my friends, now it's time to do the Intention Ritual in 6 easy steps. Ready to begin? Then jump to it:
  1. Get together your objects. Make sure you have a new white candle, matches or a lighter, blank sheet of paper, a black pen, and some black thread. Be sure to include any other important items although it is not necessary. I'll be using some statues and incense! Don't light your candle or incense at this time.
  2. Find a quiet area to work where others won't disturb you. Get your area set up but don't light anything yet. Take a moment to clear your mind and prepare for the Ritual.
  3. This is taken directly from the book: "On a small piece of paper, write out your intentions for this work. Do you seek to be a witch, learn witchcraft, or just know more? If you are comfortable calling on the Goddess and the God, do so. If not, you can address it to whatever divine force you are comfortable using, such as God, Great Spirit, the Tao, or the Universe. Here is an example: "I, (state your name), ask in the name of the Goddess and God for aid in my studies of witchcraft. I intend to complete this work successfully within one year and become a witch if this is correct and for my highest good. I ask to be open to all experiences and understand all lessons given to me. So mote it be." ("So mote it be" means "it is so." It is a common affirmation in witchcraft.)" Mine will be a bit different than this, although similar. I will post it later after I complete the Ritual. Look for another post named "Book of Shadows: Intention Ritual" or something similar.
  4. Hold the candle. As my personal touch to this step, I will be "charging" the candle with my "energy." While holding the candle, you are to think about spirituality, divinity, your Higher Power that you wrote to (God, Goddess, etc.) and invite them into your life. You are then to light the candle and incense if you choose to use some.
  5. Spend a few moments thinking about witchcraft. Where has it been? Where do you hope to go with it? What does it mean to be a witch? What's the history? What do you want it to do for you? Think about this as the candle burns.
  6. Read what you wrote aloud. Roll it up like a scroll and tie it with the black thread, binding it together and sealing your intentions.Put the scroll somewhere where you won't lose it! You'll be using it at a later date.
It's a good idea to journal daily and write down your experiences with this Ritual. I invite you to post a comment on your own Ritual either under this post or another one I make later tonight after my Ritual is finished. You can also write it on a blog, on a sheet of paper, or as a document on your computer. If you're looking for a witchy friend to share experiences with, just talk to me! I won't bite! =]

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

Although the day of the week, moon phase, date, and time of day aren't necessary in doing this Intention Ritual, it can help to get an extra boost. To learn the best day and time (based on the day of the week, moon phase, date, and time of day) to do this Ritual, let me know. I can do the research for you based off of what I know to see when is a good time. I will tell you a few different dates and times and you can ask if a specific date and time would be a good idea, too. We'll work together until you perform the Intention Ritual. For this service I do charge $5 for my time that it takes to research and explain why a date and time is better than another. =] So if you would like an extra bit of energy, you can hire me to help. Like I said, it isn't necessary. You can even do your own bit of research online to get the extra bit of energy and save $5. =P

Where would you like this delivered?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My October Predictions

At the end of September I did my own personal Tarotscope for October. My Reading took hours and I made several predictions for myself for the month. While I won't share everything on here (because some is personal), I'll definitely share a good amount of the predictions! At the end of the month I will look back over them to see what happened and what didn't; I always want to aim for a high percentage of accuracy. I aim for at minimum an 80-85% level of accuracy although at times I can be well over 95% (as I have been in the past with these personal Readings for myself).

Here are some of the predictions for myself for October:
  • I'll spend a lot of the month searching for the truth and answers and even trying to fix things.
  • Several (literally) times in the Reading, the Cards spoke of someone from the past returning.
  • My energy level is super high this month and I have the ability to change the energy around me so a negative situation can turn into a positive one. 
  • Setbacks and delays will happen . . . especially with schoolwork.
  • Plans may fall through.
  • I may feel like I can't have the one I love and it will be very painful.
  • People will be nutty this month driving so be careful!
  • I'll be pushing the one I love out of my thoughts to try to move on.
  • Schedules will control my life so it'll be nice to get away from them from time to time even if it isn't the best idea.
  • I may receive a job offer or business offer.
  • Finances will improve suddenly which may be due to something new in my business.
  • I'll realize I need to stop giving problems my attention and focus on other things to be happy.
  • I'll be alone or separated from a loved one.
  • I will have more responsibilities than I'm used to at home or family members will be having trouble with their home.
  • I'll be looking at someone else's intentions and actions to see if they're sincere about something.
  • I will want to be successful in my own business and something will help push me in the right direction.
  • I'll be emotionally-drained this month which will make me tired.
  • I'll feel under the weather and may have to visit the doctor.
  • Whatever illness I have I'll get over and/or someone I love or a pet may pass away. 
  • I'll have to wait for something that I want to hurry up.
  • I'll be satisfied with what I've done.
  • Others won't exactly support me 100% and I'll be feeling even more pressured.
  • Can't exactly tell what, but something with mail will most likely upset me.
  • I'll want to hurry up and complete my work but the Universe will want me to see work is hard and will make it thus.
  • Many social interactions this month; some may be postponed!
  • I'll receive a new friend this month.
  • I'll do something good for a friend and may reward myself with a gift!
Here is some advice I wrote down for myself; presented here briefly:
  • If it doesn't feel right, don't do it; something better is around the corner.
  • Balance my intuition with everything else because things won't fall into place until that does.
  • Be patient but persistent.
So how many times exactly did that "someone from the past" thing show up? Let's take a look quoted directly from the Reading I wrote in my notebook:
  1. "[. . .] people from the past who reenter my life."
  2. "Expect to hear a voice from out of the past [. . .]"
  3. "A friend from the past will return [. . .]"
  4. "[. . .] after a great deal of consideration will come together on mutually beneficial terms." (This had more to it but is very significant.)
  5. "[. . .] resolving personal arguments, reconciling differences, and reuniting with a sweetheart or loved one."
I have an idea of who this person is. A few more lines I wrote that touch on things similar to the situation I am going through (with said ex-relationship) really fit together. So I have an idea of who this person is, but now I'm going to just have to wait for it to happen. So we'll just have to wait and see!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3