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Friday, October 15, 2010

Book of Shadows: Earth Walking

Gotta love Autumn!
Now, I'm not one to go out and bond with nature because, quite frankly, I don't get along well with insects and wind. But I went out anyway to experience some Earth Walking! Now sure what this is and want to try it for yourself? Get some basic instructions here!

My backyard.
To begin my Earth Walking journey, I took a moment to relax and calm my mind and body. I put on my shoes and a light jacket and grabbed my camera to take some pictures for ya'll! After making my way outside, I began snapping photos and taking in the Energy from the ground.

Gorgeous clouds.
Now the first thing I noticed is that I felt very grounded and centered which is how you're supposed to feel during this exercise! Slowly, I walked around the yard, paying attention to the different Energies I was getting. Sometimes I would feel a stronger Energy while other times it was weaker. I assumed this depended upon whether or not I was near trees and the like.
Cows next door.
Apart from the crunchy leaves beneath my feet . . . and the ground feeling like it was sinking in . . . I found myself to be fairly content with how I was feeling outside. It was very inviting despite the chilly weather. It was nice to have quiet time; literally. I was about to look around me, view nature, view my surroundings, look at the clouds, the cows, the trees, the neighbor's cat that randomly took a trip in our yard, and everything else.

Yes, even the black cow has a brown baby.
To be honest, I felt so cool and calm that I wasn't even thinking about all the problems in my life. All those issues that were on my mind seemed to go away. Perhaps it was the nice country air; a hint of rain, cow poo, and grass. Perhaps it was connecting with nature and feeling its Energy.

Nice picture of my backyard.
At one point I took a minute to stand still. I felt very shaky and "charged" I supposed you could say. I'm not sure if it was from the Energy I was picking up on . . . or the chilly weather! But it was a very neat experience! I do feel both had to do with the shaky and chilling feeling I was getting.

Neighbor's barn cat in our yard.
I highly recommend to those of you that want to get away from your problems for a couple minutes to try this. It's relaxing and even more fun if you take your camera out with you! For me, it really taught me that, first of all, I really can enjoy nature. Maybe nature doesn't completely hate me. What can nature teach you?

Beautiful, no?
Another thing this taught me is that there is so much more Energy around me. Yeah, I guess this is something I knew . . . but I really had to experience it. Nature is such a natural Energy-maker! Just by walking on the ground I could feel it! It was as if I were absorbing the Energy through my feet; like my feet were breathing it in. It was very neat! Very cool!

You can see our field in the back.
Now, you may wonder what exactly this Energy did once it entered my body. Well, I get all tingly and just felt more awake and full of life! It's like nature's own Energy drink! Haha! But, really, it is such a powering sensation. One must truly experience it to understand!

Gorgeous clouds!

Overall, I enjoyed it. Another thing that Earth Walking taught me is that it's okay to take some "me time" or "alone time" if even for a few minutes to just let things go. It's healthy. There is no need to spend every waking minute worrying about things. Sometimes letting it go for a few minutes will actually help you solve the problems that are in your life and taking up your time!

As close to perfect as possible.
I didn't feel I had excess Energy, though. So I didn't have to put it back into the Earth. Instead, I kept the Energy I was given as if felt like a good, healthy amount. As instructed, I wiped my hands to get rid of any little bits of Energy. It was a nice way to end the Earth Walking Exercise. It was a truly wonderful experience!

See the moon in the center?
Although I spent a short amount of time outside, I took 19 pictures and had some great experiences. I got to take pictures of trees, clouds (and try to see what I could see in the clouds), a cat, the cows, and anything else that got in the picture! It was very enjoyable on all levels. Although the cold I could do without!

A wonderful picture! Moon is there!
I had such an enjoyable time that after I was done with the Earth Walking activity I actually went outside with my dog and sat on the stoop with binoculars. I watched at least half a dozen planes go by in a short period of time. I live about 90 minute from a major airport and about 30-45 from a smaller, but still well-used, one.

A plane!
It was fun to try to see if I could tell which airliners the planes were from. I couldn't, sadly. It was fun, though, to view the various heights of the planes. Some were very high up . . . while others were quite low. Although I don't exactly consider this part of my Earth Walking Exercise, I think of it as my time to calm down from such an Energy rush, you could say. Haha!

Instead of a cow jumping over the moon, a plane is flying over it!
While I don't have any pictures of this post-Exercise activity . . . I have plenty of others I took during my Earth Walking tour! There are even a few of planes. It truly is amazing to know how fast these planes can go! To hear the engines roar after they're already far away is even cooler!

Some more trees of ours.
I plan on doing this at least once a week until it gets too chilly outside . . . then I may pull back a bit! And hopefully when it gets warmer I can do this more often! I won't be taking pictures, most likely, on every trip . . . but, nevertheless, it will still be fun! It was a very enjoyable experience and I hope to receive more of the Energy and get used to it.

Gotta love these beautiful days!
By speaking of the planes I remembered something I wrote about in the "how-to" post for Earth Walking about there being Energy from the air. Perhaps on one of my next journeys I can try this. Hmm . . . or maybe I should wait until I get more used to the Earth Energy as what is above is much more powerful. What do you think?

Another cute tree!
To sum up this whole post . . . Earth Walking is calming but not exactly life-changing. Trying it won't suddenly make everything in your life better. But what it will do is put you in a more calm state so that you can more clearly see the problems clearly and figure out ways to improve your life and the situations in it. Naturally, this will take time and possibly other methods. For example, by casting a Spell you call upon the Earth's Energy. This is one way to help you. If you try this repeatedly, Meditation will be made easier!

Another airplane.
Speaking of Meditation, I was supposed to find a spot to do so! I feel anywhere in my yard is suitable! Try Earth Walking and let me know how it goes! Post your experiences here or contact me on Facebook and let me know! Where would your Meditation area be?

I look forward to posting more of these Exercises to share with you and I look forward to posting my own experiences, as well! Be sure to vote in my polls on my blog (they change often) and do other fun things I have around my blog. I have many articles to read and fun things to try! Private Readings are also available! Have a wonderful weekend!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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