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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My October Predictions

At the end of September I did my own personal Tarotscope for October. My Reading took hours and I made several predictions for myself for the month. While I won't share everything on here (because some is personal), I'll definitely share a good amount of the predictions! At the end of the month I will look back over them to see what happened and what didn't; I always want to aim for a high percentage of accuracy. I aim for at minimum an 80-85% level of accuracy although at times I can be well over 95% (as I have been in the past with these personal Readings for myself).

Here are some of the predictions for myself for October:
  • I'll spend a lot of the month searching for the truth and answers and even trying to fix things.
  • Several (literally) times in the Reading, the Cards spoke of someone from the past returning.
  • My energy level is super high this month and I have the ability to change the energy around me so a negative situation can turn into a positive one. 
  • Setbacks and delays will happen . . . especially with schoolwork.
  • Plans may fall through.
  • I may feel like I can't have the one I love and it will be very painful.
  • People will be nutty this month driving so be careful!
  • I'll be pushing the one I love out of my thoughts to try to move on.
  • Schedules will control my life so it'll be nice to get away from them from time to time even if it isn't the best idea.
  • I may receive a job offer or business offer.
  • Finances will improve suddenly which may be due to something new in my business.
  • I'll realize I need to stop giving problems my attention and focus on other things to be happy.
  • I'll be alone or separated from a loved one.
  • I will have more responsibilities than I'm used to at home or family members will be having trouble with their home.
  • I'll be looking at someone else's intentions and actions to see if they're sincere about something.
  • I will want to be successful in my own business and something will help push me in the right direction.
  • I'll be emotionally-drained this month which will make me tired.
  • I'll feel under the weather and may have to visit the doctor.
  • Whatever illness I have I'll get over and/or someone I love or a pet may pass away. 
  • I'll have to wait for something that I want to hurry up.
  • I'll be satisfied with what I've done.
  • Others won't exactly support me 100% and I'll be feeling even more pressured.
  • Can't exactly tell what, but something with mail will most likely upset me.
  • I'll want to hurry up and complete my work but the Universe will want me to see work is hard and will make it thus.
  • Many social interactions this month; some may be postponed!
  • I'll receive a new friend this month.
  • I'll do something good for a friend and may reward myself with a gift!
Here is some advice I wrote down for myself; presented here briefly:
  • If it doesn't feel right, don't do it; something better is around the corner.
  • Balance my intuition with everything else because things won't fall into place until that does.
  • Be patient but persistent.
So how many times exactly did that "someone from the past" thing show up? Let's take a look quoted directly from the Reading I wrote in my notebook:
  1. "[. . .] people from the past who reenter my life."
  2. "Expect to hear a voice from out of the past [. . .]"
  3. "A friend from the past will return [. . .]"
  4. "[. . .] after a great deal of consideration will come together on mutually beneficial terms." (This had more to it but is very significant.)
  5. "[. . .] resolving personal arguments, reconciling differences, and reuniting with a sweetheart or loved one."
I have an idea of who this person is. A few more lines I wrote that touch on things similar to the situation I am going through (with said ex-relationship) really fit together. So I have an idea of who this person is, but now I'm going to just have to wait for it to happen. So we'll just have to wait and see!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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