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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Earth Walking

Many Witches enjoy spending time with Nature. Now, to be honest, I'm not a Nature-freak; I hate insects flying around me, and the wind blowing my hair around (so the 10 minutes I spent brushing it out was worthless within 10 seconds of walking out the door), and . . . Nature seems to dislike me. But this next Exercise will help us calm ourselves and get in touch with Nature. Why get in touch with Nature? According to Christopher Penczak: "This exercise expands your experience beyond the realm of personal energy and into the feelings of Earth energy." Remember, to get all the information you need, be sure to check out his book The Inner Temple of Witchcraft which explains all of this. I'll just glaze over some of the basics.

Basically . . . go out with Nature. Walk around in your yard or at a park. Take a walk in the woods or on the beach! You don't need to do this barefoot, but it will only add to the experience if you do! In time, you'll be able to feel the Energy through your shoes. You'll want to walk very slowly; feel the Earth's Energy under your feet. But make sure you are still aware of your own, personal Energy. In a previous Exercise I mentioned to think of yourself exhaling from your palms to have Energy come out; this time inhale through your feet to absorb the Earth's Energy!

As you breathe in the Earth's Energy, remember that this is the Life Force. This wonderful Energy will ground and center you; you may get a boost in your alert-level and may want to run a mile as well as you will feel healthier and happy as you take in this Energy. Just breathe normally while you do this; don't worry about doing anything while you exhale.

This is something you can do time and time again and should do. Look for a nice place to meditate at, as well, which you can use at a later time. This is something great to do in the morning as it will, as I like to say, "charge" you up for the day ahead. If you feel like you have too much Energy, get on your knees and place yoru palms on the ground and allow the excess Energy to flow out of your palms (and even your head). Christopher Penczak suggests telling the Earth to use this Energy to heal itself.

After some time of Earth Walking, try to take in some of the Sky Energy from your head! But the Sky Energy is quite stronger so you may feel a bit lightheaded; think of it as Earth Energy to the extreme. But, for now, just focus on the Earth Energy. Let me know of your personal experiences and I hope to share mine with you later with some pictures!

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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