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Monday, October 11, 2010

Book of Shadows: Feeling Energy

This post is of my personal experiences with feeling Energy. To get basic instructions on how to do this, click here where you will be taken to another post of mine. This will be a fairly short post because it isn't something hard for me to do and it's pretty quick. I don't have any pictures to post of me doing this (as it would be a bit difficult to do so while taking a picture).

First what I am going to do is simply relax and breathe for a few moments to lower my vibrational frequency a bit so I open up more to energy. Now I will hold my hands 3 feet apart, as instructed, and will pick up on information. Then I will move my hands closer together and see what else I pick up on. Afterward, I will wipe my hands together to remove excess Energy. I will then record what I picked up on and felt.

While my hands were 3 feet apart I felt the energy very strongly; the first thought that popped into my head was "strength" and then "will" came along. Slowly, I moved my hands closer together. I felt a shift in Energy when they were about 2 feet apart. So I pulled back and moved them closer again to make sure I was feeling a definite change in Energy and I was. There was another change in the Energy around 8 inches away; once again, I moved my hands back and forth to experience this change. The last thing I noticed was when they were very close (under about 2 inches apart) I noticed that if I let them just stay there without forcing them together, it was as if they pushed themselves away a little. It was very neat!

I would definitely have to say that I easily sense Energy, but it is different for different people. Maybe my Energy is just stronger; I'm not sure. But these are just a few little things I picked up on and the different changes that I noticed. I felt different levels to my Aura. Later on I'll get into Reading my Aura more and will work more with it.

Beautiful Blessings,
Natasha <3

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